My 05 caramel day arrived!!! >>>

  1. Okay so now I have:

    2 blacks (a city and a day) and 2 caramels (a city and now a day!):

    I know see what everyone says about 05 leather. This is the thickest leather I own together with the black 05 day. My other bag years (03 and 04) are not as thick as these are.

    Also took two pics of the 2 caramels together: this 05 day and 03 city. A world apart in shades (the 03 city is the one I had my repairers restore and was annoyed about from a separate thread posting).

    ps. I noticed the bottom half of the caramel day has more 'wrinkles' and puffiness and the upper half is smoother. Is this a 'wearing in' thing? (you can see what I mean from the first two pics)

    I think it probably is correct?
    DSC03425.jpg DSC03431.jpg DSC03443.jpg DSC03445.jpg DSC03449.jpg
  2. [​IMG]

    :yahoo: :yahoo: Congrats for ur bbags....i love both of ur two caramel bags (even ur restore bag is fabulous)....the leather is TDF....thanks for posting :heart:
  3. WOW...I LOVE how your Caramel Day looks so distressed! VERY pretty!
  4. I think the wrinkly, puffiness is a "wearing in" thing. I have an '05 Caramel day also, and mine has it, but more along the side, where the bag would rest against the body. I like it.
  5. I thought that was it - thanks!
  6. :drool: :drool: Congrats.:yahoo:
  7. Is this another great eBay find? I love all your bags. You seem to always get the winners! Congrats!
  8. Oh my what a find!! it's beautiful:drool: the day style is just the best:heart:
  9. thanks. and yes, its an eBay one.
  10. great color - congrats!
  11. You know what? I can't decide between the city and the day.

    The day is a truly special hobo bag though in my opinion because its still relatively unknown to the gen. public - not copied or seen around the streets as much and that makes it cooler (to me anyway :p ). That's the edge it has over the city. Its a bit more unique.
  12. It's gorgeous! Don't you just want to pet the leather all day long? And now we are '05 Caramel Day twins!
  13. strangely enough I have done that. well not all day long but gone up to it (and the black version) and felt the leather :true: weird I know but these 05's FEELS so thick and soft...
  14. ooh you are so lucky :smile:
    I cant wait to get my first bbag.
  15. :drool:I am completely head over heels in love with your Caramel City!! Now, I have to put that on the top of my wishlist!!