My '05 Bordeaux Twiggy Arrived

  1. Here's a pix with my favorite model! :tup:
  2. Sparky's got great taste. He's admiring it, too!
  3. YEAH!!!! I'm glad you finally got it! It's beautiful and so is your dog!
  4. Congrats, Its GORGEOUS! My all time favourite style - TWIGGY! So is your dog - ADORABLE!
  5. congrats..such a deep and rich colour..Love the bag
  6. All these beautiful Twiggys this just confirms how much I love this smooshy - so perfect. I love the look and the's just got to be, basically, the most perfect bag ever....:heart::heart:
  7. Your bag and your model are both beautiful!
  8. Wow very rich and deep color! Absolutely gorgeous!
  9. YUMMMM Bordeaux-My favorite color....Looks gorgeous...Congrats!
  10. gorgeous bag. congrats
  11. your model is perfect for the bordy twiggy!! congrats on the gorgeous bag!!
  12. Such a lovely picture. Congrats.:yahoo:
  13. :tup: Congrats!!! Such a gorgeous colour!!!
  14. One of my big regrets (well, as far as bags go) is that I passed on a bord. twiggy. You lucky girl! Enjoy!
  15. Gorgeous bag!!!!! Congrats!