My 05 Black First is here.

  1. Here is my 05 Black First that i just got today:yahoo: :tender:It is brand new and perfect. Ahhh, the smell and smooshiness of 05 leather, i love it. :drool:There is nothing like 05 leather. :wlae:It is adorable and perfect for going out or weekends. :tup:Enjoy the pics. :heart:
    IMG_2679 (2).JPG IMG_2683 (2).JPG IMG_2682 (2).JPG IMG_2684 (2).JPG IMG_2685 (2).JPG
  2. oooh, wow :woohoo:.. congrats!
  3. Beautiful!

    I want a First for going out... problem is I don't go out! Still want one though. :upsidedown:
  4. You are so funny,:p may be having it will make you go out more often.:roflmfao:
  5. Its so nice your a lucky gal!Congrats!
  6. Love it, Nanaz!! It's PERFECT! :yahoo:
  7. Nanaz, gorgeous as always!
  8. love it!!!! congrats - another awesome 05 :tup:
  9. Nanaz, congratulations on your latest beauty!
  10. Girl, you did it again!!! Gorgeous!!
    Is it from SS 05 or FW 05? I have a Black Weekender from FW 05 and I love the leather, it only gets better with use. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  11. ICB, it has the letter A at the end. Is that S/S or FW?:shrugs:
  12. Gorgeous Nanaz!
  13. A = SS 05
    Z = FW 05

    Love it! 2005 bags have great leather! You must show me this bag next time I see you...

    speaking of, I'm walking over to Neimans and see what they have.:yahoo:
  14. awesome!!!! congrats!! i scored one a week ago too :biggrin:
  15. ICB, i am planning to be there in few hours.:graucho:
    My First looks even yummier when it is stuffed.:drool:
    IMG_2688 (2).JPG