My 05 black day bag arrived today!!! PICS!!

  1. OMG *hyperventilates* breeeeathe Karen, just breeeeeeeathe....

    I ripped open the box this evening (delivered via UPS) and I was like :drool:

    I could not believe it. The SOFTEST pillow-like leather ever thus far that I've touched. This is my first old season purchase. (I currently have 07 twiggy in anthracite and natural).

    Here are some pics attached. I have wanted a day bag for a long time (I already bought and returned the oxblood day bag to Balny because it was damaged in 2 small areas - took anthracite twiggy instead).

    I LOVE this bag sooo much!! It is pure rock chick :supacool:

    I love the brass coloured hardware against the black leather.

    Time to do the strutt :wlae:

    ps. the tassles have split on the pull zipper. Will Balny let me purchase extras even though I didn't personally buy the bag there?
    DSC03011.jpg DSC02997.jpg DSC03008.jpg DSC03025.jpg DSC03019.jpg
  2. OH YEAH it's awesome:drool:'ve sold me I want one! looks good on you.....
  3. I hate U for looking sooooo good with your new bag

    Hugs FX:heart:
  4. Yeah call Balenciaga NY and order more tassels it does not matter that you didnt buy it from them...I think they charge $5.00
  5. coolio. I"ll pick up a packet. And get yourself this bag woman. I tried on the 07 one last Saturday and the leather on it is also fantastic actually. I believe it *may* be the last one there at the moment....
  6. Hey how tall are you? it looks great, I'm 5ft 5, just want to make sure it would suit me I've never seen it in real life
  7. I just bought a Black 05 Day last week and I'm waiting for it to arrive!! Great post, you've added to my excitement ;)
  8. CONGRATS!!!!!!:yahoo: It looks AWESOME and so cool on you! I have a black day and I really love it, too!
  9. I'm betw 5 ft 6 and 5ft 7.
  10. congratulations you're bag looks great!
  11. it's awesome!
  12. Yayy Karen. :yahoo: You look amazing with every style. :nuts: Congrats. :yahoo: I love my Black Day too.:wlae:
  13. I know how you feel, girl. I love my black day too. Looks gorgeous on ya!
  14. the DAY is the best style - ever! it looks great on you, congrats! everyone who doesn't have one should get one - black is gorgeous in this style! :graucho:
  15. congrats!