My 05' Black City, check out the leather on this baby!!

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  1. Here is the completion to my Bbag obsession/collection!! I am soooo done, and absolutely L:heart: VING, the leather on this bag. Beyond smooshy!!!:love: My 6th and final, here she is 05' Black City!:biggrin: :yes:
    DSC03648.JPG DSC03649.JPG DSC03650.JPG DSC03651.JPG
  2. It is gorgeous! So NO more Bbags for you? I'm not sure I could ever say that!!!
  3. congrats kimmie!! i have an '05 black first but it isn't as smooshy as that!

    your final?? you sure?
  4. Im am very done. I have all the colors I could ever dream of wanting plus my blanc paddy and LV mono speedy. So now I can truely say I'm satisfied. Dont even want any fall 06' colors. Can you believe it?;)
  5. Well, no. :P
  6. Truth:yes: really!:shocked:
  7. Congrats!
  8. I believe you.
    Congrats! Gorgeous!
  9. Thanks girly! Im still looking for your Bbags!:graucho:
  10. Congrats!!! The leather is scrumptious on it!!!!
  11. Pretty! ;)
  12. That leather looks yummy!! Congrats :flowers:
  13. Perfect leather! Distressed but not veiny, smooshy and simply gorgeous!
  14. yum yum yummmmm kimmie! i'm so excited that you are satisfied w/ all your bbags. it has to stop sometime right? great choice on the period in your collection!

    i wonder what my *whew* point is...
  15. Beautiful bag! Wow! Your final Bbag! You do have a wonderful collection! I've still a long way to go myself. lol!
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