My 05 bags ~ Bordeaux City and Chocolate Box

  1. I finally got my 2 bags. :yahoo: I am loving the 05 bbags with velvet like leather :love: .
    05 Bordeaux City.jpg 05 Bordeaux City 2.jpg 05 Chocolate Box.jpg 05 Chocolate box 2.jpg
  2. Oh wow! Both are just gorgeous!
    I have never seen a Choocolate Box before :drool:
  3. I haven't seen a chocolate box, either. Looks scrumptious. Congrats!
  4. both are gorgeous, congrats!
  5. They are beautiful! Where in the world did you find that chocolate box? I love it!
  6. Both are so pretty and the leather is just so yummy!!
  7. OMG that chocolate is delicious !!!!! :p :drool:
  8. I just :heart: 05 leather....I have 2 05's and I'm kinda scared to get anything else!
  9. Wow!! That Chocolate box is beautiful!!!!:love: That's the first one I've seen. Where did you buy it and do they have anymore?????
  10. ^^ yummmmmm, congrats yaya!!! :yahoo:

    p.s. i've got bordeaux & chocolate too & :heart: 'em
  11. Congrats on those absolutely gorgeous bags -- incredible leather and deep rich beautiful colors!
  12. 2 FABULOUS scores. Both of those bags are really GORGEOUS. :love: Congratulations!!!
  13. I LOVE your chocolate Box! :love: WOW!
  14. Thanks all for kind words about my bags. I got the chocolate box from Cult status. I just emailed them to ask about the box style bbags in their stock. I could not believe that they still have this little gem at the end of 2006 :nuts:.
  15. Nice collection, congrats:yahoo: We need a family picture please.:yes: