my 05 and 06 black city bbags

  1. Okay, I fell to the pressure and excitement of tpf and I bought the 05 black city that was listed on ebay. It is first season. I already own a first season 2006 which still has the tags on it but can't be returned to LVR. So, here are the comparison pics. I find them to be a lot alike in terms of the leather. the 05 is more worn in and much softer but I think that is due to use. My 06 is maybe even a little more matte and less shiny but a little more structured since it has never been carried. So what do you think? I really could go either way. I love them both but my 06 seems to be a perfect black for the 06 year that everyone is talking about and I'm sure it will wear in nicely. But then the 05 was a little less money and it is already broken in and I'm swearing off new bags after ruining 3 bags in three weeks (pen, butter and butter).
    bbag black cities 002.jpg bbag black cities 003.jpg bbag black cities 004.jpg bbag black cities 005.jpg bbag black cities 001.jpg
  2. I looooooooooooove the leather on your 05! The 06 is beautiful, but I'm so drawn to that distressing on your 05 that I just want to reach in the monitor & touch the leather :love: But that's just me though, to each her own :yes:
  3. The '05 leather is awesome, though they're both beautiful! I agree about the new bags...I prefer mine "pre-loved"!
  4. they both look great, can't go wrong with either one.
  5. Both are gorgeous, but the '06 has the smoothest leather I've ever seen! It looks so silky! :love:
  6. 0o0o0 2 black cities!!! they look so yummy!!!
  7. they both look gorgeous but the smoosh factor on the 05 looks off the charts!
  8. I like my bbags more naturally distressed looking- I :heart: the 05 one! wow!

    and stop with the butter!
  9. ^^ ditto :tender:
  10. I like the 06, I'm not keen on the slouchy look straight away, I'd like my bag to slouch cos it fits the way I hold it, not how someone else held it, if you know what I mean!
  11. Love the 05!
  12. Both are gorgeous, my preference is for the 05.
  13. They're both beautiful but I also prefer the '05 -- I love the distressing. I had thought I wanted a smooth fall '06 black city but now I realize I want one with distressing. Does anyone know if it's possible to find an '06 (spring/summer or fall) black city in stores that has leather that is thick, smooshy, and distressed? Is that asking too much?
  14. The 06 is gorgeous, I'd rather have one that was distressed from my use.
  15. I prefer to do to my own bbag loving, so I vote for the '06. They're both beautiful though, so you can't go wrong with either.