My 05/06? Black Day is turning red/purple :-(

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  1. My black day. Think it's 05 but I'm not sure. I'm the original owner and purchased it from NM in 06. The leather is smoooth and yummy and so well broken in but the bottom corners and front leather is turning almost a reddish purple color? Has anyone seen this happen? I will post photos in the morning when it's sunny and bright. I can't really capture the color in my house light.

    has anyone seen this happen??
  2. No! Not at all, I'll be looking for the photos... I've never heard of this before?
  3. I'll take photos in the morning and post ASAP. I just tried and it's really too dark in my house to show it well.
  4. So strange! I'm intrigued!
  5. Ok here are photos. You can see from them it's happening all over not just the bottom corners. I've got to say this is by far my most used bag. I am so careful with my bags though and do have enough that none of them get used every single day. I never leave it on the floor or throw it around. Do you think I should send to LMB or give Kim a call and see if they can do anything to it?

  6. It seems to me that the black dye is off? Did you try cleaning it to see whether it's just dirty?

    You could definitely send it to LMB to clean/re-dye it back to black. I think it's no problem for them at all.
  7. Maybe I will try and clean it. I've never used anything on it and when I noticed this happening I was scared to touch it. weird color or not this is my favorite of my balenciagas. Maybe i will send it to Barbara for some tlc..
  8. wow!

    Never seen that happen before. You purchased this yourself from NM, yes? Would they do anything about it for you?

    I would call Bal to see what they can do. I'm pretty certain they'll say it isn't their problem and that this is a normal characteristic of their dye.

    Then I'd give Barbara a call.

    Just so you know, I actually think it looks pretty cool. And if you decided to do nothing about it: I wouldn't blame you. :shame:
  9. yup, purchased from nm from my sa that i deal with all the time.
  10. i'm not gonna lie, that is pretty weird...

    but i would DIE for that color, the dark purple red.

    black cherry was almost like it, but sadly, only 1 out of ever 1203812039812 turned out that gorgeous purple, most turned out red brown. :sad:

    anyways, good luck getting it back to black.
  11. Wow, I've never seen a black bag turn red before.
  12. I have no words, how can it be possible??. Can´t believe what my eyes are seeing, it seems like it has been redyed or something!.:faint:
  13. never seen it before either ! but i also think it has a certain coolness about it .