My 04P Chanel Music Jewelry Collection! Come see!

  1. I'm so happy to have this completed enough to show you guys! I don't know anyone here, really, but first and foremost, I love music. And secondly, of course I love Chanel, so when I saw these accessories I FREAKED! :nuts:

    I've been saving and hunting and I've managed to find most of what I've been looking for! But alas, my story is bittersweet, because as soon as I received the big necklace/belt, I noticed that a cassette charm from the bracelet has gone MIA. :crybaby: So let me first make a plea to anyone that knows where I can find this bracelet. Please point me in that direction, as I'd like to replace it! TIA everyone! Now onto my pics!

    (And as I don't have a picture of it on its own, here are some pics of the huge necklace/belt)! :yahoo:

    The necklace/belt was the last thing I got, and it came in Saturday! Just in time for the concert I wanted to debut it at! :jammin:

    I must say, I did not think it was going to be as substantial as it is irl. The pictures make it look a little more...delicate. I will post modeling pics in my next post!

    Thanks for letting me share everyone! :shame:
    Chanel Record Brooch Bulletproofsoul.jpg Chanel Record Necklace Bulletproofsoul.jpg chanelset_05 bulletproofsoul.jpg
  2. those are cute!!!!:smile:
  3. Here are some pics of it on. I am using the necklace/belt as a necklace here. (And the boots, also Chanel) :p
    IMG_2062 resized BULLETPROOFSOUL.jpg IMG_2068 resized BULLETPROOFSOUL.jpg IMG_2086 resized BULLETPROOFSOUL.jpg IMG_2090 resized BULLETPROOFSOUL.jpg IMG_2087 resized BULLETPROOFSOUL.jpg
  4. You look hot!!! Great peices.
  5. Great collection! Love the outfit - and your hair - can I hate you?:p j/k

    I wish I could help about the bracelet, but I haven't seen it anywhere.

    Btw, who makes the boots? I have some thigh high leather slouchy boots from Chanel, are these Chanel too?

    Hang on a minute, I'm on the phone right now with Karl.............................
    ..........YES, he would love to have you as his new model!!! :yes:
  7. Omg I love them!! :love: And you have a really cool style as well!
  8. wow you look great! I love that necklace!
  9. All your accessories are HOT. Love them. :smile:
  10. They look great on you- very rocker chic!:yes:
  11. Funky! :jammin:
  12. WOW!! :yes:

  13. Awww... you're too sweet! The boots are also Chanel. I don't know what year. I got them used, on eBay. They were in great shape, and I put a new insert inside, so they're new to me. Quite comfortable as well! And besides, with them new, I didn't feel paranoid wearing them out ever. They're perfect and fitted and have that lovely little slouch. They also have a little "belt" around the top with a Chanel buckle.

    And the hair is a perm! :p

    As for the outfit, it's funny that the actual CLOTHES cost me roughly $20- brand new. lol. Accessories really DO make the outfit in this case.
    Chanel boots 1.jpg
  14. That's really cool and unique! Congrats on finding all the matching pieces.
  15. Oh my, everyone, you are all so sweet! :heart:

    Um...I wish I had the face/body/height for modeling. I'm only 5'2" :sad: But anyway, you made my day, because I can not think of anything better in life than for Karl to want you as a model. :girlsigh::love: