My 04 white city with pewter hardware arrived!! PICS

  1. Bought from a very nice Pfer and it arrived today on my doorstep. Talk about a nice birthday suprise! (yes its today :yes:).

    I regretted selling my natural twiggy since I do love a white or off white leather bag. I have always liked a 'no colour' white leather bag for both summer and also in winter against dark clothes and boots :tup:.

    What I particularly like about this one is that its not a brilliant white. Its more like an off white/natural which I prefer. Note. the pic with the caramel day bag is not representative of its 'colour', its more like the shots taken with me - a slight off white.

    Note. I literally just got back from the beach and so have not bothered changing...
    DSC05121.jpg DSC05113.jpg DSC05114.jpg DSC05115.jpg DSC05126.jpg
  2. Congrats and Happy Birthday!!
  3. Karen you sexy moma.:biggrin: I did not know today is your birthday.:shame: Happy Birthday:balloon::drinkup: and what a nice surprise. :nuts:The bag is absolutely gorgeous. Congrats :yahoo:I am so jealous of your tan girl, we are so going there together gf.:yes:
  4. Hey Nanaz!! One day you and me!!! ha ha!!

    Thanks - I was hoping that you were online right now. It arrived finally! What do you think compared to the natural twiggy I once had?
  5. From what i see in your pics, i love it. :yes:Specially the silver hardware against the white is TDF.:tup: You are rocking it girl.:wlae:
  6. Happy Happy Birthday "K"!! congrats on the bag, she's in awesome condition for an 04!!
  7. Happy birthday, karenab! Your bag is beautiful!!!
  8. GORGEOUS!!:love: :yahoo:Congrats and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Karenab!!:party::heart:
  9. Happy Birthday Karen!!!!! Your new bag looks GREAT on you!!!
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your bag is gorgeous!!! I had that bag, sold it and always regretted it. It had hands down the most yummy leather of any Bbag I've ever had. Light as a feather and it felt like silk. I still miss it and wish I hadn't sold it.

    This white looks really good! congrats :smile:
  12. Happy Birthday, karenb! You look amazing and I LOVE your bag. It looks fab on you, very beautiful with your lovely skin tone, too. Congrats!
  13. Happy Happy BuRfffday~!!! You look awesome RockiN' the new white city~!:drinks:
  14. Powderpuff - I'll definitely give a fair try out :tup: There is nothing worse than selling a bbag too soon - I know exactly how you feel. I feel like that about the natural twiggy and the 03 caramel city that I sold (I should not have treated it but that's another story).
  15. Happy Bday!! and congrats on your new bag. looks beautiful