my 04 rose twiggy is here!

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  1. :smile: hi everyone! i've been lurking around this forum for awhile now and haven't posted since i've joined. like you all, i'm also an avid collector of b bags. i just received my 04 rose twiggy today from a very nice pf member ;) i love the color but not sure if it's a keeper :unsure:

    what do you all the 04 rose a versatile color? what colors can be worn w/ it?

    thanks everyone!
  2. Ok... Where are the pics??? I think 04 rose is an absolutely fabulous color! It can be worn with a lot of colors, white, blue, tan, brown, black, you name it!

    Please please please post pics!
  3. Oooh pics please!
  4. 04 rose is such a lovely color..:love:
  5. give me a few minutes to take some photos...brb :smile:
  6. kk cant wait to see the pics!
  7. definitely post some pics! ncan't wait to see some authentic bbags. lol.
  8. I will be anxiously awaiting pics! I love the rose color AND the twiggy shape. :smile:
  9. I would love to see this, too!
  10. here it is in daylight, no flash...kind of blurry though.

  11. Wow it's looks so soft and lovely!! I think you can wear it with any colour.
  12. The 2004 rose is one of my FAVORITE colors, it looks so delicious with grays, blacks and whites - because it is more like a 'dusty' rose.
  13. OH MY GOD. LOVE IT. Such a pretty color!
  14. ODD - please keep it, it's soooo beautiful! It's my FAVORITE color, like a raspberry-ish pink but muted so that it goes with lots. I can't wait to get my City!!!! :love:

  15. I'm usually not a fan of pink but this is such a cute color!
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