my 04 black city is at Artbag, finally

  1. hi guys.. just wanted to share..

    i finally got a moment in my day to run uptown to Artbag. Its on Madison and 85th. I bought my city used.. and it always had a bit of threads around the handle base that were white, and i kept trimming.

    so i presented her to the owners.. and he said she needed complete trimming.. where they go over the whole bag and resealall the edges and fix any loose stiches. also they are going to clean her for me. I made them promise not to alter the leather texture in anyway.. and that if cleaning was going to stiffen the leather.. forget it. but they assured me that it would not feel any different. I asked about rethreading the handles.. you know the leather cord.. and he said.. no....

    okay... so then i asked about the apple products. about spraying, and he said he was familiar with them, but did not recommend spraying any bags with anything... i have heard that.. its a purist school of thought.

    long story short... it is costing $150 and going to take three weeks.

    three weeks without a black city.

    i dont know if i am going to make it... may have to purchase something to hold me over!!:lol:

    will keep you posted on the results!!
  2. Yea, keep us posted. I have a black city and if it something like that happens to me, I would hope I could ship it to them.
  3. sounds like its going to be better than new when they are done with it :yahoo:

    I'm confused about whether or not to treat my new rouge vif - BalNY doesn't recommend spraying her and your cleaning place doesn't either. But I am afraid to take her out!!!! What to do?? Anyone spray their rouge vif yet and have any advice?
  4. ^ oops, sorry if I am changing the subject
  5. smallfry, i think I am going to treat.. even though they said not to.. I was asking in regards to my never used calcaire city.. I think that i must treat the handles.. and the bag.. My feeling is that the stores, and the leather professionals dont want to tell you to do something, then be held responsible if all does not go well. I have read enough threads here, and I believe the experts here who have vasts collections who say that they treat all of their bags.. i sort of knew what the man at artbag was going to say... he was pretty conservative.. which is good. He will do a great job on my restoration! cant wait to get it back.. better than new

  6. Did you take some "before" photos? I'm sure it will look fabulous, as it's in the hands of the masters over there.

    3 weeks is a long time. You might have to flirt with some bags and... oh I don't know, maybe buy one. I mean, think of the $$$ you're saving by not having to replace the bag entirely.

    the above shameful enabling was brought to you as a public (dis)service by kitskats. if you can't use this free enabling perhaps some poor soul who is on the fence about buying a certain bag will see it and use it.viewers feel free to pass it on. custom enabling also available for no charge, where the bag of your dreams is mentioned and you're given two enthusiastic thumbs up. :roflmfao: just kiddin'
  7. i know!!! three weeks!!

    i may have to buy one!!
  8. :roflmfao: just wait! i know its painful! it'll come back better than before I'm sure!

    kitskats- gotta tell you... I LOVE your signature! hahaha!
  9. I agree with this!

    Anyways, T - I'm so glad your bag will be like new - 3 weeks and $150 later.... you won't regret it!!!!!! I'm very excited for you! :love:
  10. hi mimi!! big congrats on becoming a mod!!!

    it was you I was thinking about when i said "expert with vast collection" I will definitely treat miss calcaire before using. Cant wait to see the newly restored reseamed 04 city. Its going to be fantastic I am sure. Got the feeling these guys at Artbag dont mess around.. Purely business!!

    t ps.. dig my new pic? thats me at my wedding..S/S 04!! the S/So4 city on the table is stripped in, via photoshop! its the bag i should have owned on that day!
  11. ^ OMG! You're beautiful :love: and you did such a great job at putting that in photoshop, wow!!!! :heart:

    hehe, you are too sweet - I'm not an expert, just an insane lover :shame: but thanks so much for your compliments :love:

    I can't wait to see photos when it is finished!
  12. wow t love your avatar!
  13. Toni- that is wonderful that Artbag is fixing up your beauty!!! I can't wait for pictures! That is my dream bag! I will need to take my bag there also for the same problem!!!
  14. thank you thank you!!

    i own a fashion photo retouching firm.

    i retouch images for a living.. but never get to work on my own!!

    it was fun:flowers:
  15. thank you mimi!! coming from you that is a huge compliment!

    unfortunately i did not take real close up pics of the before restoration bag... but it had the white fuzzy threads at the handle base that i have seen on a few older bags... a member here had a 04 black that had the same thing.. also the seam right across the top of the bag was sort of whitish, that was getting worse as i carried the handles on my shoulder... I think black bags are easier to restore, as there is no color matching involved. i have to dig around.. i may even have the original photos from the ebay auction that i purchased it from... thanks to the bag hunter!:heart: