My 04 black city arrived!! PICS >>>>

  1. I love it! For some reason, I thought it would be bigger than it really is. I think carrying twiggys around for so long has made me see that they really are actually LARGER than the city!! I always for some reason though citys where bigger.

    Anyway, I LOVE it! Its in excellent condition. It does not show much sign of use actually (just some wear on the corners). The leather is SOOOO SOFT and very smooth. Its what I call pillow soft (like the 05 black day I won). Its definitely the kind of leather that although its already soft, I can see it getting even more so and more slouchy. I love the antique coloured hardware/zippers. Its interesting to see how the tassles are tied differently too. Not the loop style done now. I can see that my love is with old season b bags alone :yes: The leather is just the best.

    Here's some pics. ps. I immediately moisturized it with LMB Ultimate Moisturizer and it feels even softer now :supacool:

    The last shot is with a flash.




  2. CONGRATS! :yahoo: The leather is TDF! BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  3. It looks AMAZING!:love: Congrats,Karenab!:yes:
  4. Love your city! Beautiful leather!!!!
  5. OMG :drool: You lucky girl.:nuts: Congrats.:yahoo:
  6. The Perfect Black Bag!!!
  7. Great find....the leather is smooshy and it seems like my 05 city black too....but yours is better than mine....hehehehe....congrats and enjoy ur new love~~
  8. Lucky Duck!!! The leather is yummy! Congrats
  9. Wowzas! :nuts: Just look at that beautiful leather. :love: Congrats!
  10. I think that's beautiful...I am waiting for my 03 black and I have converted into the more vintage Balenciaga!!!
  11. *swoon* what a beautiful classic u landed there hun - congrats ! :yahoo:
  12. :drool:Congrats!! That leather is soooo yummy!!
  13. Wow...eileen!! I can't wait to see u post ur 03 black city bag....That's gorgeous, where did you get it from? :p :p
  14. I agree, I am definitely in love with all the older balenciaga's more than anything. Post pics when your 03 arrives! It should have silver hardware correct? can't wait to see!!
  15. ^^ congrats, we're twinsies now :yahoo:

    p.s. i've got a black '04 city too & i love it :heart: