My 03 weekender is TDF, anyone else have 03?

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  1. I just received my 03 today and it is amazing!!!! the color is tdf, but it looks BRAND SPANKING NEW!!! I will post pics as soon as i can (husband is sleeping in same room as bag) but the pewter is gorgeous, the leather is thick and I am amazed!! It is truly ivory; that's why i can't believe the handles are not dark!!!! anyway, i love it!!!

    I would love to know more about this year. The inside tag only reads Balenciaga. It does come with mirror and tassles, no dustbag. Does anyone have 03? What do you think of your leather? What is the main difference of 03 vs. 04? Any info appreciated!

  2. I have a S/S 2003 Black Weekender. The leather is insane, no? I'm sure there are other B-Addicts with '03 Weekenders who can chime in.

    Would love to see pics of your Ivory. :yes:
  3. welp, i've got an '04 marron weekender & the leather is CRAZY :nuts:

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  4. aaa, that maroon is TDF!
    congrats on the '03 weekender, julielive!! :yahoo:
    can't wait to see the pics!
  5. Thanks girls, and aaa your weekender is TDF!!!! How do you guys carry your bag; hold by handles or on the shoulder???

    Would love to see pics of you carrying bag if possible (I will try and do same, tomorrow is my son's 5th birthday and I am having 30 people over; POWER RANGERS ALL THE WAY, i guess i need to "power up" before tomorrow.
    anyway, i will follow up as soon as i can.

    thanks :yes:
  6. Can't wait to see pics!
  7. awe, thanks so much julie & congrats again on your new mastic :love:...below are some photos of me & miss choco brown!!!

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  8. julie, i have an early 03 black first with silver hardware. the leather on that bag is insane. i think it is the best of my uhmmmmm..:angel: extensive collection. ....i like the leather on that bag even better than my 02 black flat brass first, and that one is pretty great too.:love: 03 leather really rocks!:supacool: congrats on new mastic! pix please..
  9. Congrats julie on your '03 Bbag! I can't tell you how incredible my '03 city leather is! No other Bbags I've had or have can compare to it! Mine is really used but I love it so much! The leather feels like velvet/satin. I don't even use it much but it is one bag I will never ever part with!
  10. YESS Julie!! :yahoo: I'm soo happy your '03 weekender turned out amazing! I was wondering if you had gotten it yet. I'm so glad you went for that bag now! Great find and what a steal too!!

    I also have an "ivory" '03 first, and yes the leather is just insanely TDF! It is just something else! It's just as thick as my '04 leather, but it is so smooth like silk and butter! Just so incredible! Definitely my favorite leather! :love: I can't wait to see pics of your weekender! How do you like the size?
  11. I love the size!! I guess that's the problem, now that I have this size; I feel I don't really need the smaller sizes (even though I love them!)

    I to am so amazed at the leather, and I am telling you girls THIS BAG DOESN'T HAVE A SCUFF ON IT. I DON'T THINK THAT THIS BAG HAS SEEN THE LIGHT OF DAY!!

    Anyway, cannot contain my excitement, promise to post pics soon!! (party just ended, 30 people and 50 pds. of food i made!!) I MUST REST!!:yes: :heart:
  12. Congrats on ya Weekender! Can't wait to see pics!!

    P/s aaa, that's a yummy marron!!!
  13. i carry it on my shoulder :P

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  14. hey sea, what color is your WE? leather looks great!:love:
  15. it's caramel '05 :P