My 03 lilac clutch and teal mini twiggy

  1. Here are pics of my latest additions, an 03 lilac clutch and a teal mini twiggy. This is the smaller of the two sizes of mini twiggy.

    The lilac is such a pretty color. Not as pink as the 04 lilac. And I love the silver hardware! The clutch didn't come with a wrist strap though, so I got creative and attached a silver chain to the zipper pull that I can use as a handle :biggrin:.

    The last pic is an updated family shot :flowers:

  2. the teal mini is so adorable!
    i didn't realize they were so small though, compared to the regular twiggy. thanks for putting them together in a family photo :smile:
  3. what pretty colors! you really like the dusty ones! very nice! :love:
  4. Isn't the teal colour gorgeous?! Both bags look great with your collection :smile:
  5. The mini twiggy is soooo cute!! I love all you colours!
  6. What great styles and colors! Congrats!
  7. Great collection. What size do you prefer? Or do you have a preference since you have so many different styles?
  8. You know I love them! :love:
  9. Thanks! And a big thanks for resizing the pics :flowers:
  10. My favorite size is probably the twiggy, followed closely by the first/classique.

    Thank you everyone for the kind words :flowers:
  11. gosh look at your great collection fashion! Congrats, love it all.
  12. Great collection...I love the mini twiggy.
  13. Yummm. Love them all!
  14. Gorgeous!!!!!! I love them, fashion!!! :smile:
  15. :heart: Very Pretty:love:
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