mXm order

  1. I place an order for some pan am bags (no turquoise:sad:)

    and well i ordered it friday before the store was actually open for business

    and they told me it would be shipped out that day.

    So i was waiting all day today for my package. I asked for my tracking number, and It was shipped today!!!

    im just a little sad i wanted this bag for a trip im taking :sad:

    I ordered something from NYC not too long ago at 4 pm and it was shipped out for that lousy 20 dollars but i got it the next day!!!

    same from SF

    im patient haha i just was expectig it :sad: since i was told it would be here monday caues the SA said it was shipped friday..

    PLUS had i known they were sending it today :sad: i would have added 2 more items... caues i forgot to add them friday and now im kicking myself..​