MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse)

  1. Within the past couple of weeks I started having shortness of breath and feeling really tired. I went to Urgent care and I had a great doctor, he thought it was Anxiety, but had a feeling it wasnt because I was under NO STRESS, I was on Vacation and I was done with college for the year. He told me it might be Mirtal Valve Prolapse, but I should get further test done to determine if I do. He gave me anxiety medication, which I refused to take because I knew it was not anxiety.

    Thoughout the days I was feeling the same no better. I felt like my heart was racing and I was out of breath. I also felt Fatigue and a little dizzy.

    During the weekend my parents saw that I was getting no better so they took me to the Emergency room. I told them my symptoms and they checked me in quickly. The doctor saw me and I told him that another doctor thinks its MVP and I should get more testing done, automaticaly he said no its anxiety and Its not MVp. They only gave me and EKG and dischaged me in 1 hour, The nurses were very rude.

    On Monday I finally got to go to my Priamry doctor and she order an Echogram STAT. She called my mom late in the afternoon while I was at work and told her "Tell your daughter the test was completely normal and its anxiety and and to tell your daughter to stop stressing." What I am not even stressing!!

    Ok I had the symptons still every day. I just gave up on it and thought it was the weather. I went to my doctor for a check up for my college shots. She calls me into the office and tells me that she didnt tell my mom that there was something wrong with the results because she would worry her, and that whenever I go to the dentist I need Antibiotic before the procedure. I did have MVP. I was In shock! I couldnt believe she didnt tell me Im 19 years old!! She told me it was no big deal and just to check up with an cardiologist. She dint tell me what was wrong for 1 1/2 weeks. I went to the cardiologist the next day ASAP he put me on a heart Monitor and gave me and Inhaler which is not doing me any good. He thinks that my symptoms are not caused my MVP..LOLL are you serious. He wants me now to have a CT done and I am on a heart monitor for 24 hours. They are telling me not to worry, but I should because I have all these syptoms and I am geting NO help.

    Did anyone every Have MVP?

    I know its confused with Anxiety. I would know if I was stressed.

    Do you find it right that my doctor didnt tell me and that the hospital did not give me an echogram?

    I called the hospital and filled a compaint.:cursing:
  2. What is mitral valve prolapse?

    Mitral valve prolapse (also known as "click murmur syndrome" and "Barlow's syndrome") is the most common heart valve abnormality, affecting five to ten percent of the world population. A normal mitral valve consists of two thin leaflets, located between the left atrium and the left ventricle of the heart. Mitral valve leaflets, shaped like parachutes, are attached to the inner wall of the left ventricle by a series of strings called "chordae." When the ventricles contract, the mitral valve leaflets close snugly and prevent the backflow of blood from the left ventricle into the left atrium. When the ventricles relax, the valves open to allow oxygenated blood from the lungs to fill the left ventricle.
    In patients with mitral valve prolapse, the mitral apparatus (valve leaflets and chordae) becomes affected by a process called myxomatous degeneration. In myxomatous degeneration, the structural protein collagen forms abnormally and causes thickening, enlargement, and redundancy of the leaflets and chordae. When the ventricles contract, the redundant leaflets prolapse (flop backwards) into the left atrium, sometimes allowing leakage of blood through the valve opening (mitral regurgitation). When severe, mitral regurgitation can lead to heart failure and abnormal heart rhythms. Most patients are totally unaware of the prolapsing of the mitral valve. Others may experience a number of symptoms discussed below.
    The mitral valve prolapse (MVP) syndrome has a strong hereditary tendency, although the exact cause is unknown. Affected family members are often tall, thin, with long arms and fingers, and straight backs. It is seen most commonly in women from 20 to 40 years old, but also occurs in men.
  3. Something similar with me: (here is my story)

    In a past post, I posted about having really severe arthritis. They thought I had Reactive arthritis and I saw a cardiologist since I was like 14. Anyways, I have mitral valve prolapsing and its really no big deal.

    I see my cardiologist about 3 times a year (mainly b/c of other problems, otherwise I would only see him once a year.) As far as antibiotics goes, the docs want to make sure that when you have dental work done that an infection doesn't occur and spread to the heart. My cardiologist told me that lots of people have it and most people are born with it. As far as managing it, sometimes it is worse than others and they will want to put you on medication but I opted not to take it. I feel like drinking less caffine has helped with the racing heart beats and shortness of breath.

    I hope everything works out and if I can help let me know!
  4. I just had more test done today. A CT with and without contrast (worst feeling ugh). That turned out normal. I did my 24 hr heart monitor yesterday so lets see how that one turns out. I learned from the past that it always better to get a second opinion so I will be doing that after I get all these test done. I think its more symptoms dealing with MVP, but the doctors like to believe what they want because they donot want to be proven wrong. I will keep you UPDATED.
  5. I was born with it.... I've had no problems ever... I had a baby by C-section because of it... didn't want to risk anything but they have told me everything is fine and its not a big deal... working out is helping a lot.... I used to get those symptons too (racing heart beats and shortness of breath) When I first started working out my face used to turn purple (because of the circulation), now it gets just a little pinky... and sweaty... lol... Dr. told me its very common and there is a few very bad cases of people that suffer of MVP and need medication... very rare... I do take antiobiotics when I get my teeth clean..

    Hopefully everything is going to work out good for all of us.... keep us updated... good luck!!
  6. I have it and it has never affected my life. I feel occasional "flutters" in my chest, but I am so used to it that it doesn't phase me. It is very common in the female members of my family. But none of us are tall or thin, ha ha. I have had a totally normal life thus far. I'm 31.
  7. Yeah Im 19 and they think I might have been born with it and I am now getting the symptoms. I had test done and I have an appt on Monday to see if everything turned out good. On wensday he gave me an Inhaler, but it gave me an allergic reaction so now I stopped using it. I heard MVP common in skinny people and tall people, I am like that and so are my family members, but I really doubt that has anything to do with it.

    I will keep everyone updated... Thanxx for all the responses.
  8. I have it and I'm not skinny at all! I've always had occasional irregular heartbeats but test after test said they were harmless. I would get anxious about it, tho. The MVP was diagnosed about a year ago and I do the antibiotic before dental work. Officially the Dental Assoc. said they no longer think it's necessary, but my dentist wants to take no chances.

    I hope you can get all your concerns answered.