Muy Gigi just

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  1. arrived and i am very pleased it brand new and i like it alot. I bought it of ebay for about $400 and since its at the outlet for roughly the same price, i dont know if this should bother me or not but the seller sended the receipt and the tags are still attached she paid $200 for the bag. Oh well i do love the bag.
  2. :nuts:

    First off, congrats on your Gigi! What a gorgeous bag!

    Now, where the heck did that seller find one for only $200? Why can't I find these kinds of deals? Was is a dept store tag? (Mini-rant over)

    Oh well - enjoy your new bag!
  3. It wouldn't bother me, why should it? She wouldn't have had it up in the first place if she couldn't make a profit, and offer it for a good price. I think you got a good deal on an awesome bag. Be happy!
  4. ITA!!!
  5. I don't think I would let it bother you. You got a great price that you were obviously willing to pay for it. Think on it this way, you other option was to buy it for full price or keep waiting hoping for a better deal to come along. She's a hard one to find in the outlets.
    Congrats and post pictures! :smile:
  6. Congrats! I have to admit, that would bother me... too bad she sent it all! :P But on the bright side, you bought it knowing you were paying $400 and what a deal you were getting.. of course the seller is going to make a profit (although that is a BIG one!) and you have a beautiful bag. Congrats again! :tup:
  7. CONGRATS!!! :yahoo:

    All sellers are out to make a profit. I admit I do the same! I even sometimes hold on to things and then list much later...and occasionally sell them even above the retail price when demand is high for the item.

    However, I do try to look at it from a buying perspective, and I usually cut off the price portion or remove the sale sticker before listing it. If there are any questions, I would provide the receipt at that point (if I have it)..but I just don't like to shove it in someone's face that I am selling to them way above what I paid. I feel really guilty, but not guilty enough not to do it, lol! DH actually thinks I'm nuts to care, though, since it was my precious time that went into being a "personal shopper" for that person...and they didn't have to buy it from me. But I know buyers are out for the "deal", and I am too when I buy! It's just that sometimes you can't get the item anywhere but on Ebay, and it's still cheaper than buying at retail or wasting gas and your time for a deal (and not coming out much better in the end). I would buy high from someone on Ebay before I bought retail price at a store (as long as it's a legit seller and auth item). I wouldn't be upset if you love the bag and are happy you got it!:tup:
  8. I saw a walnut gigi at the Primm, NV outlet and I think it was like $380? I could be wrong about that price, I don't recall. I am floored that she got it for $200. She must shop at the best kept secret coach store ever.
  9. Could she be an SA who got 50% off the outlet price???

  10. Yeah, or sometimes even a SA at a dept store like Bloomies or Nordstrom, and she waited for the final clearance to purchase. It's even a terrible scam with some SAs in dept stores...I was told they "hide" the bags till the sale events and then purchase them for Ebay sales.
  11. Congrats, Gigi is a gorgeous bag!
  12. She Got It From Nordstrom. I Wish She Hadnt Send The Receipt. I Must Admit I Am A Bit Annoyed, That A Big Profit But I Do Love My Gigi.
  13. I wouldn't let the price bother you. If you were happy to buy it for $400 than I'd focus on what a good deal you got! You still saved a lot of money! Congratulations!
  14. Exactly. If it helps to ease the blow, consider what were the chances that *you* would find the bag for $200? Probably slim to none. That's what I would keep in mind. You got a good deal and a bag you love. Congrats.
  15. What color is your new Gigi? I just purchased a whiskey at the outlet for $375, plus tax, so $400 is a good deal.

    Gosh, maybe I should become an SA somewhere, she made a GREAT profit off that bag. I'd love to see her personal collection!