Muubaa Sizing Help (Meggie Jacket)

Dec 13, 2008
So I did do a search on Muubaa on this forum and I'm more confused then ever on their sizing.
I'm looking to buy the Meggie jacket but the only size they have is a UK10. According to their size chart it should fit me but I'm a little confused.. It says its a Medium but then a US6. I'm typically a US 8/10, wear Mediums in all my coats/jackets/tops and I'm a 36C. Should I go ahead and get the UK 10 or should I still size up? I have a few leather jackets and I know they do stretch and give a little over time and I don't want something that looks loose and sloppy but not something so tight and uncomfortable either. The other two leather jackets I have (not Muubaa) are a size S and XS and they fit me well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Harper Quinn

Nov 26, 2011
Hard to say without knowing the jacket/your shape but I used to have a muubaa jacket which I loved
and wore it constantly and found them
to be generally TTS. I am a UK 6/8 and the XS fitted me well. Shoulder fit is the most important thing... I think if you are a US 6 a UK 10 should be fine for you, don't size up Unless you want to wear it over chunky sweaters... JMO