Mutts comics "Shelter Stories" enjoy!

I am a big fan of Patrick Mcdonald the creator of Mutts Comics, every year he creates short strips called "shelter stories" to encourage people to adopt animals from shelters.

I have been saving these for almost a year and I figured I could share them with all of you since there are so many happy babies that have been rescued by PFers!!

Image credits: Mutts comics by Patrick M.



Jan 9, 2006
Chicago, IL
I read that strip occasionally but I've never seen those... cute, but they're sad too, like Danica said. Makes me want to go bring home every animal I can.


Mar 1, 2006
Awwww so sad!!! I can't have animals right now, but when I do, I'm adopting a greyhound from a rescue shelter :love: I hear they are the sweetest pets and I've always loved their quirky look! I might be moving next year so in that case, I might be able to adopt a cat from a local shelter!!! I really hope that happens (cause right now my building is really strict on the no-pets rule) !
I know the feeling...wanting to take home every pet from the pound!!
Patrick M. sponsors many animal charities so it's good to know he uses his abilities to encourage people to adopt a pet.

nextnewface: I met someone in Nova Scotia, Canada that volunteered rescuing greyhounds..she owned 4 of them and they are the sweetest dogs..they are so used to being race dogs that it's tough to imagine they have never been loved...however they become the sweetest most dedicated and loyal pets..and they are amazing with kids too!!