Mutiple Metallic Heart Charm

  1. this little cutie is in the new spring book, but not online at Is there any way to order it so I don't have to wait?
    Also, is there any way to get the little dog leash thing only so you can sort of make your key fob more like the charms so they are easier to attach to your hand bag?

    Sorry for so many questions- thanks so much for your help!!!!:yes:
  2. You can call JAX with the item number and see if it's available now to order. And yes, you can find the little clips to make it a charm. I buy mine off of eBay. Others go to home improvement stores/hardware stores.
  3. Yeah it should be available to order. I've seen them at my military exchange. So if they have it, then it should be out already to purchase/order. Good luck! And yes there are many stores to get the dogleash clips. I've seen a few on e-bay also.
  4. Thanks for your help gals!!!!!!
  5. Was this at the NEX in Pearl Harbor? Ugh... I wish I still lived in Hawaii. Our PX has total crap.
  6. No it actually was the MCX in San Diego. The NEX and MCX has better selections than the PX. Luckily, I'm by both.
  7. These charms will be in stores on the 26th along with a bunch of other really cute ones, if you want to wait a few days.
  8. I ordered one for December PCE so you should be able to get one now. I like the brass better than the past nickel keyring version.