Muti color heart- opinions

  1. So I could not get the red pomme heart they called on thursday and I was in meetings all day and by the time I responded they were gone . I did manage to get the multi color heart and I picked it up today at Saks in Boca Raton florida.
    I gotta say its cute but I really loved the red better.. opinions on the white. So far I think it will be cute on my myrtile petite noe and my yellow petite noe I have coming off of eBay.. any other ideas what to wear it with ?
  2. i like the mc better than pomme!
    my alll time favorite is the perle though, but mc is a close second.
    actually, for the heart purse, pomme comes in last, because it reminds me too much of a deep blood red, (in the shape of a heart:wtf: )
  3. I also got the MC heart coin purse. I am still waiting for my Pomme! In any case, I have been hanging it to my Fuschia Denim Baggy GM for a couple of days now. Before that, I hung it on my Multipli-Cite mono bag right when I got it and a woman at the LV boutique at South Coast Plaza said to her SA, "I want that!" LOL I think it will go well with just about any LV line. It is so pretty!
  4. i think it would go with anything. i think it's adorable!
  5. I love all of them..the MC is really cute. I think it'll look cute on any and all solid colored bags since so many colors are represented on the MC canvas.
  6. I bought both, and will use both. The vernis is cute because it has the charms, but I really like the MC as well . . . So for me they are equally cute. If I only had one, I would be happy with either. I don't have alot of small LV accessories, so that is why I bought both . . .
  7. I think it is really cute! You're lucky to get one!
  8. I really like it, hoping to get one!
  9. same here, I actually love the MC better!
  10. I'm torn. The MC looks fantastic but it hasn't got the charms which I love.
  11. I'm sad, I wanted to get it for my mom for mother's day...
  12. Both are cute.
  13. I like the pomme better

    the MC is nice but no charm and inside the purse is strong beige color.. i dnt liek it
  14. I like the vernis ones better, both because of the charms, and the MC is a tad bit busy for me.
  15. i think the mc is cute, but i love the vernis more