mustard colored paddy

  1. hey guys- whoa, i haven't been to the chloe section of PF yet!!! but wow!!! haha.

    along time ago- i initially wanted the padddington (back when it was crazy and impossible to get one) and now that everything has settled down- the paddington is starting to grow on me again. what do you guys think about the mustard color? i know its not the most appealing color, but i saw it in real life and its got true personality...

    what do you guys think about the paddington? is it worth it?
  2. I was a bit ambivalent towards the paddy when they first came out a while back, until I got one. I like the mustard color a lot now, especially seeing it in rl. I think that perhaps I must get one before too long.

    The paddington is worth it, but I would also recommend inspecting prior to purchase. There's a lot of imperfect bags running around there and Chloe quality control is not the strongest. But once you get the bag you like/want, it's a wonderful love affair! Good luck!
  3. Do you have a pic of the Mustard color? I'm curious to see it. Thanks
  4. Sorry I'm new at this
  5. I think the mustard color is different, you won't see too many people with it, so for that reason alone I like it
  6. i love my mustard paddy !!
  7. I got my first paddington a few weeks ago and I am completely and totally in love with it. :heart: I got it in tan and I love the color.

    By mustard do you mean the jaune/sunflower color? If so I just saw that in Bloomie's on the weekend and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. It definitely is a unique color and I agree that it is a bag that would stand out.
  8. what colored shoes do u wear with your mustard paddy?
  9. yeah can someone pls post a pic of a mustard colored paddy? i am guessing greenish coz of mustard or maybe yellowish...
  10. i wish to post a pic of my mustard but hard to find the perfect light to take to get a good color if not it might not justify the jaune color. hehe
  11. I just got my jaune paddy from kirna zabete! It's my first Chloe bag ever and it is lovely! I adore the color and surprisingly its lighter than my Marc Jacobs bag. I am happy!