Mustard classique

  1. HI girls! Wondering what year the mustard classique came from :yes: Anyone seen one around? Fat chance I know....thanks!
  2. I think it was F 2003. I want this one, too, and yes, I believe it is one of the gazillion Bbags that the lucky Nicole Richie has.
  3. hahah! yes she does have a gazillion of EVERY bag but especially bbags. TY!
  4. YW! :smile: Good luck finding the Mustard! I keep hoping Bal will release another yellow--hopefully Spring 07(in a gorgeous buttery soft hue...aahhhh)
  5. Has anyone got a rough count of how many she has? I'm wondering if she takes good care of them or if she knocks them around since their cost is just pocket change for her... ;)
  6. Someone posted a pic of Nicole carrying her Black Classique and it had a rivet missing or something. I think she just carries them around carelessly. I always see these Celebs carrying their gorgeous bags on the beach, tossing them wherever on the ground. lol. I bet Nicole has almost every single color.
  7. With all her money, she can afford to ruin a bag that costs 1K or more. Me, I need to take care of my bags! They don't come easily, and I cherish them too much!
  8. I'm with you on that one!
  9. 3 months ago there was an auth. that surfaced on eBay twice. It sold really low on the second time around.
  10. Twinklette love your avator!!
  11. Yes, the Mustard was from 2003. I had always wanted this bag, and 'lo and behold, I saw one on eBay one day and I remembered that the seller was legit (I also checked with folks here on the PF). I consider this bag one of my MAJOR-LEAGUE finds for the year!!!!

    Here's a picture:
    2003 Mustard Yellow First - best20000wtmk.jpg
  12. ^ that's the one I was talking about!!
    from superchili...
    I put it up in the "authenticate this" section way back in March...before I could auth, things myself. *L*

    Love this bag!!
  13. Yup Winona77 ... it was her bag (I remember her SellerID was something like "chilibean ..."?????).

    This bag is in SUPERB shape; it looks like she barely used it. The leather is so WONDERFUL ... really makes you appreciate the old bags. The leather on the new bags doesn't even compare! I LOVE :heart: :love: this bag; I would have to say that of all the B-Bags I own, this bag has the BEST leather of them all.
  14. That is a gorgeous bag Ceejay, and I rarely see the mustard anywhere!
    IRL or on's a beauty!
  15. ceejay, that bag is gorgeous!!! Oh my goodness, what a great find! :smile: