Mustard city in NM

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  1. Anyone looking for one...just saw one in NM west palm beach
  2. I also just saw one at NM in Short Hills NJ. It was a I think a first.
  3. I took a few pictures that I will put up later. Prettier in real life than what I expected
  4. This was it.

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  5. pretty color in that pic! i love that pom though in sahara :P
  6. This is the same that I saw exactly.:biggrin:
  7. Is this a new color? What year is this from?
  8. WANTABALENCIAGA..............The leather looks pretty good on the Moutarde! The color looks good, too, but it's so hard to tell in the store lighting!

  9. i LOVE IT!
  10. :wtf: i had been actually looking for one in the FIRST... but no such luck in toronto!
  11. i think this looks lovely!
  12. It was much prettier than I expected! Not a heavy color, but a nice yellow for spring. The leather on almost all those bags were incredible....I should post some others....and the NICEST sales assistant ever, who even took my photos with the bags! I went there to look at Sorbet with and also ended up falling in love with Cyclade SGH. I took photos of the Sorbet RH and Cyclade SGH side by side and they were so gorgeous together I had to run out before I bought both!
  13. Nice color!
  14. I found one at the NM in Bellevue last weekend. I was so excited I bought it on the spot, but I still haven't carried it. I think I don't totally love it so I should take it back, but it's hard to decide.

    It's very yellow, not a brown yellow autumn kind yellow like I was thinking it would be. The leather is nice, not veiny at all, but it's not as smooshy as the Outremer City I was comparing it to.