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  1. I need help! I'm going to buy a new car by the end of April and I'm having a hard time deciding what to get. My two options right now are a 2006 Honda Civic EX coupe or a 2006 Ford Mustang. Shoud I be practical and go with the Civic or should I spend more for the Mustang even though it's going to be a ***** to drive in the winter?
  2. Mustangs are TERRIBLE in snow. RWD just blows in Winter months. I'd go with the Civic EX. My ex had a 2005 Civic EX and I ADORED it. The gas milage was unbelievable and it handled quite well in the snow. Being from Minnesota, I know all about the snow driving. If you want to look out for the safety of you and your car, I'd go for the Civic. The Mustang is perfect if it can be a second/garaged car for someone or a car for someone in a state that doesn't get the piles of snow... but for us who live where we get the joy of dealing with snow... I'd hit up the Civic.
  3. Hondas are great cars that keep a pretty high resale value. Not so sure about the new mustangs. The classic models from the 60s are the only ones that you can get great resale $$ for.
  4. Hondas have much better reliability than Mustangs. When my dad bought me my frist car I wanted a Mustang sooo bad. but he is Mr. Practical and sat me down to explain why the Mustang is not worth it and why the Accord was. When it comes to Hondas I have had nothing but great luck- my dad is Mr. Business Man and drives one himself! He swears by them. Also, so does Bill Gates!!

    That is a random answer, but I hope I gave you something helpful!
  5. EVERY high school kid in this area has a Mustang, they're over saturated IMO. I'd go w/ teh Honda as well.
  6. geta BMW i love thouse cars
  7. I think Mustangs are ugly.:shame:
  8. I don't believe there was a third option... while BMWs may be great cars, she could get nearly three Civics for the same price as a decent BMW. Civics are reliable, cheap to repair if needed, and can reach extremely high miles with ease. Not to mention, if you ever want to sell your Civic, I'm sure you can sell it for a decent price. A lot of younger generations would nearly die for a V-tec engine ;o)
  9. PRECISELY!!!! :idea:

    We aren't trying to be rude, but BMW's weren't an option (probably for a $$$ reason)- but hey, I'm sure many of us would love one
  10. Even I'd like one! ;) Maybe we could all pool our money... ok, I'm kidding.
  11. with the increasing prices of gas, go with whats practical. i vote for the civic.
  12. I honda is nice.
  13. In your situation I would go for the Honda. I live in Arizona and only drive 9K miles a year so I got a Mustang. It all depends on climate and wear/tear. My mustang is fun and a good value. Mine's the red, sister's is the green.

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  14. Go with the Honda Civic,being practical will pay off in the long run.;)
  15. Thanks everyone! Great advice and with the savings on the civic I can still afford to buy LV bags lol