must visit places in NYC?

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  1. some friends and I are going to NYC for 3 days this december. I know it's not much time especially with all the things you can do there but I would really appreciate any suggestions. I really wanna see the city so I can decide if I wanna live there or not in the future. Anyway, so please post suggestions of fun stuff to do, museums, shopping places, restaurants and anything you can think of. Thanks in advance :cutesy:
  2. hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurants on St. Mark's Place
    Barneys New York on Madison
    Meatpacking for clubs
    Nolita/Soho for shopping

    It really depends on your tastes/interests/budget. Do you have friends who are from NY or live in NY?
  3. Ok if there was no broadway strikes I would recommend that:sad:

    Rockefeller Center
    Statue of Liberty
    Century 21
    Time Square

    I live in NY and still get amazed with

    I hope you enjoy it
  4. Totally agree but I would add the:
    1. Empire State building!
    2. Tour of the city- especially the night one!
  5. :tup:great choices
  6. :tup: also Meatpacking for nightlife
  7. is there a specific japanese restaurant that you have in mind?
    no i don't have friends who live there, i wish i had coz hotels are freakin expensive.
  8. which tour are u referring to? i checked out this website and there seems to be a couple of them
  9. do the sex& the city tour if u watch it
    or the city lights tour
    both are around $40 per person

    go to the top of the rock
  10. oh and can anyone suggest a really good italian restaurant? I wanna splurge one night on a really good place to eat. And a really good bakery as well? I love pastries well food in general :P
  11. is the SATC tour good? I was looking at it but its 3 hours not sure if I wanna spend my 3 hours on that since I'm only gonna have 3 days
  12. oh and how's the weather in NYC during december? I'm going mid december, a few days before xmas. I live in the midwest and it's already snowing here. Is the weather better in the east coast or worse?

    and also, where can you get good fitting I love NYC shirts? haha silly i know but I have a few ones from friends who have gone to NYC before but they're always so big. thanks
  13. it sounds bizarre, but my favorite place in NYC is the subway. It makes me feel so connected to the world, it's really wierd and unexplainable but I adore it!!
  14. East coast weather is totally unpredictable that time of year. Sometimes it's below freezing, sometimes it's warm enough that you don't need a coat. Check before you leave and make sure to bring layers! It will probably be in 40's, but there's no telling...

    You can find I :heart: NY shirts and other souvenirs on the street.

    As for sights, you HAVE to go to Rockefeller Center and see the tree! You can ice skate there, too. The atmosphere around Rockefeller Center at Xmas time is like magic IMO! The museums in NYC are spectacular, too. My favorites are the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Natural History. Another fun thing to do is go to show tapings. David Letterman, Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray and others film their shows there & you can get tickets to be in the audience.

    Have fun!!!
  15. I'm actually scared about this part. It's just that you see stuff on tv :shrugs: Is it easy to navigate though? Any tips on what to remember? or what I must know in going around nyc with subways? thanks!