must visit places in Boston?

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  1. I'm taking a trip to NYC this december after that me and my girlfriends are stopping by Boston as well. Any tips on what do, where to go, where to shop, where to eat? Would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance :cutesy:
  2. Newbury Street for GREAT shopping (and food), Fanuel Hall (for more shopping) and you MUST go to Durgin Park Restraunt (famous for the prime rib) which is in Fanuel Hall, it wouldnt be a trip to boston with out it! Downtown Crossing for - you guessed it- shopping. Also Go to the Pru (Prudential Center) and do the sky walk, its about 50 (i think) stories up and you can see the entire city from a 360 degree birds eye view. The Aquarium and Mueseaum of Science (need to see an Omni Theater show!) are a blast, Museum of Fine Arts is always classic - if you like museums take the T to Harvard University and check out the Fogg Museum. So much more but those are my favorite things to do there!!
  3. Louis Boston on Newbury is the most fashionable store in Boston
    cute shops along Charles Street in Beacon Hill
    Newbury St. in general to see and be seen (lots of shops, salons, restaurants)
    restaurants in the South End are the best, in my opinion
    seafood restaurants near the waterfront, I haven't been to many, but it's the quintessential thing to do
    Harvard Square/Harvard yard for sightseeing
  4. where is the downtown crossing? I've been to boston once but only spent very little time there. I've been to Pru loved it :yes: By T do u mean the bus or train? for some weird reason someone told me that the buses and trains are called T?
  5. how's the weather in Boston during december? I'm going mid december. I hope its not worse than midwest weather.

    Oh and any suggestions for a really good Japanese restaurant in Boston? I'd love to splurge on dinner for one night. And also recommendations for good bakeries. thanks!
  6. definitely newbury street for shops and restaurants. the pru and copley for more high end shopping.

    downtown crossing is near the common. it is a t (subway) stop. has H&M among other stores. has all the info you need for traveling by subway/bus.

    two really good japanese restaurants imo are ginza and fugakyu....which are both near the boston univ. campus. they are very close to t stops on the green line on the C line part of the green going outbound.

    december it gets pretty cold....but i don't think its as severe as midwest weather?

    mike's pastry in the north end always gets rave reviews. haven't been there myself (i don't know what i was thinking).
  7. boston can be quite chilly in december, so bundle up! if you are on limited time, downtown crossing would be my last choice for shopping- there's a lot of construction, etc. kind of yucky. newbury street would be my first choice- it's beautiful, nice shops, plenty of places to have a nice dinner or snack, it's near the public gardens, and it's close to copley and the pru. have fun!!!
  8. Not so much Japanese, but Mary Chung's in Cambridge has excellent Chinese food!

    And I agree with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

    Here's a calender of their current / upcoming exhibits:
    The Napoleon one and the Jewelry one look fascinating!
  9. i really hope the weather won't be as bad as it is here. Oooh that fugakyu sounds good..saw really good reviews on it. I just read about Mike's pastry. I guess it is a must to go to. I will definitely check that out, I love pastry. thanks!
  10. so generally is it better to take the bus, train or subway when going around boston? The last time I went there I couldn't figure it out(really poor sense of direction) and ended up taking one bus to pru from NEU and just cabs all the time(yikes, but at least it wasn't too expensive since I didn't go anywhere far).

    please keep recommendations coming. I'm gonna be staying in Boston for almost a week so need all the suggestions I can get. Thanks to everyone who posted and thanks in advance :cutesy:
  11. I think the subway/Train system in Boston is pretty good and you can certainly hit all the hot spots easily. Green line for Newbury, Boylston, Copley Place, Prudential; Red Line for Harvard Square.
    There are so many good restaurants in the area.....any idea on what kind of restaurant you were looking for?
    Definitely take a Duck Tour (pick up at Prudential Bldg) but bundle up.
    I have lived in Boston most of my life, now living on Cape Cod
    THe weather can be 20 degrees or 50 degrees in is New ENgland after all....
  12. I would definitely check out Newbury street. Great shopping there. Copley, Faneuil Hall & the Pru also have great shopping. Downtown crossing IMO isn't the same since Filene's basement closed. There is still H & M, TJMaxx, Marshalls, & Macy's there though as well as some others. Boston is an easy city to get around - I walk everywhere, but it's going to be cold I'm sure so the T (subway) can get you wherever you want to go in the city & is pretty easy to navigate.

    There are tons of great restaurants. Pizzaria Regina is great for pizza, Union Oyster House & Marshall house @ Faneuil both are very good. Legal seafood is OK too (Copley or the Pru). Any Italian I would head to the north end of course & there are some great bakeries there too. The Langham Hotel in the financial district has a fabulous Sunday Brunch - it's pricey though - $50 a person last I checked but the best brunch in the city!

    Bundle up & enjoy!!

  13. Oisihii in the South End or Uni in Back Bay (at the Eliot Hotel), these are more authentic Japanese restaurants that do not only serve sushi.
  14. Don't know if you come from an area with one or not, but there is an Ikea south of boston. There isn't one anywhere near me so that is a must visit place for me!
  15. on the main page there is a tool called "plan a trip" under the rider tools section. you can input start and end addresses and it can tell you different ways of getting there. i find this to be helpful for places that aren't immediately outside the station.