Must vent my frustration!

  1. I have an authentic high end bag for sale on ebay, purchased from a PF moderator and without a doubt totally authentic. So many people on ebay are sending me questions about authenticity and saying they would bid, but I don't offer a refund if the bag is found to be fake. are they going to find the bag to be fake if they don't know enough about them to see that it is real in the first place?!? Does that make sense? I cannot offer a refund because some idiot who wouldn't know a real bag from their elbow will have buyer's remorse and try to force a refund based on bogus claims of authenticity. Aggghhhhh!!!!

    I feel better now, thank you.
  2. LoriB , i'm so sorry :crybaby:
    luckily i never had this experience with those kind of buyers, but i understand how frustrating it can get.
    sometimes i also got lots of questions & interests but in the end, no one bids :P
    i also never offer a refund, i don't care if not many people will interest in my bags, i don't want those kind of bait & switch hassle. i asked them to ask all questions regarding authenticity before they bid.
  3. ahhh I hear your frustration. I think it often helps to add in your listing that you are happy for them to take it to any authorised boutique to get it authenticated, and there is also no harm to offer money back if found to be non authentic. After all, as you know it is 100% the real deal, you are completely covered.

    Its such a shame though, like you say, its almost like people will not trust anybody on ebay anymore, not even reputable sellers like you :smile:
  4. I understand your frustration. I, being a frequent ebay buyer I always feel funny asking someone if something is authentic when I know it is, but I usually just ask that question to see if the person who is selling the bag has good if they'll answer my question in a timely manner.So at the end if I have a problem it can be resolved quickly and easily without having to wait for days for them to get back to me.;)
  5. I answered her within 3 minutes of her emailing me, and I directed her to educate herself both here and at atliernaff, and I once again promised her the bag was real. But I did not offer a refund, because as I said before, all she has to do is say she thinks it's fake and then I have to prove to ebay that it is real. And we all here know that the bag is real, it has been discussed many times here.'s just such a sad, dishonest world we live in.
  6. I'm not offering a refund on my bags because I'm afraid of a bait and switch. IntlSet said this so wonderfully a few months ago so I quote:

  7. ^Nice quote!

    If you wanted to do a refund I would "tag" your bag and indicate that if the tag was removed you would not accept it for a refund.
    This would hopefully deter anyone who was thinking about doing a bait and switch, but unfortunatley it would not deal with any buyers remorse.
  8. I also sell things on ebay from time to time and state "no returns". I think if it's a b'bag, then the photos should make it easy to tell if it's authentic or not. It's less easy with some other high-end brands. One of the things I look at is the feedback of the potential buyer. This gives me an idea whether or not the potential buyer is likely to be trying something funny or might not be comfortable with ebay norms. Before the recent sale of my magenta b'bag, I was contacted by a buyer who wasn't questionning authenticity, but wanted to do an off-ebay transaction. She only had a feedback of 1 and I wasn't comfortable with her because I felt she had no history.
  9. Change your listing to read that you will refund if bag is found to be fake, that you want the name and nuber of the person that did the authenticing. Be sure to attach a tag that cant be put back on once they cut it.Put some one of logo or something around it so you know.
    This why you will know its buyers remorse.
  10. Lori, heaps of scammers use the "will refund if not authentic" line in their auctions and it really means nothing. If they're scammers, they're never going to honour their promises.

    I don't think you've done anything wrong in your auction terms. When I'm selling, I consider all sales to be final. If buyers have issues later on, I'm more than happy to sort things out with them after the transaction has been completed. So far, I haven't had any complaints. *knock on wood*

    I've seen your auctions and your Balenciaga bags are 100% authentic. Any buyer that knows their bbags will also have no reason to question you. Good luck! :flowers: