MUST see this Hermes Collection!

  1. WOW! that is paradise! LOL!
  2. This blog has been posted already under Bag Royalty.
  3. True, it has been posted, but deserving of a second go around!^^
  4. No, it's not the second round. It's the third round because before this, there was another thread with the same thing.

    Btw, I was shocked to read the blog's comments. Those people are so rude and have no right to judge a person just because the lady own more than what the others own. Who knows the lady and her family are charitable people? How can they say her riches is all because of corruption? That is so blatantly rude.
  5. I think some people are just plain jealous! They cannot stand to see someone with all these nice things so they make themselves feel better by being rude about it. :sad:
  6. i totaly agree with this, they haven no right to judge someone they do not know and with what they own.
  7. truth hurts...

    plus, whoever's writing this blog sounds like a total asshat

    'exhibition of excess' ... :rolleyes:... i'm so not surprised they have bryanboy as one of their fave links...
  8. Because it was the mom's stuff, I figured they were only allowed to shoot whatever she allowed, instead of rifling through all those scarves, etc. I would be kinda irked if my kids were tearing through those boxes, that would mean I'd have to re-fold everything!

    The blog was quite amusing. Like bryanboy, there's definitely self-mockery about their wealth and themselves, it's refreshing. It's not the same as L. Lohan saying in an interview something to the effect that her birkin is somewhere in her closet, shoved under a pile of junk. She's saying she has no limits, she doesn't care that it took a craftsman 18 hours or more to hand make that bag.

    The blog might come off odd, maybe because it is a cultural thing? I see some really funny humor. I have wealthy relatives and they act just like the average Joe, hard working and enjoying their own family circle. They are not too caught up in their wealth and don't care to look for approval outside of their circle.
  9. I think maybe Lindsay Lohan is trying to come off like it's no big deal to her ... Something to the effect of the casual, shlep-around-in-Birkin attitude? I think Jane Birkin was like that with hers too, although I think in her case she got hers for free, right? I mean, I know I would never shove my Birkin underneath a pile of junk but that's just me. I guess different people choose to treat their things differently. I'm just too anal to use anything casually (I know, you only live once ...):amuse:

    You know, I found this to be true in many instances. A lot of wealthy people that I know are VERY low-key about it. They don't drive the most expensive cars (although they could've easily afford a Ferrari, Bentley or Rolls Royce). They don't even wear namebrands! They dress just like everyone else and they are courteous to people. I mean, they're just like most people!:shame: