1. Over the summer I have spent way too much money on eBay buying LV...I guess for the money I've spent, I got a lot more on eBay than I would've been able to at a boutique or at Holt Renfrew's still a lot of money.

    I am lacking some willpower right now. I saw 5 LV bags at work today and it makes me want to buy more! Brand spanking new Tikal GM, Damier papillon 26, Popincourt Haut, Batignolles (SO adorable...I love it even more now that I've seen it co-worker brought it to show me), oh, and a disgusting that doesn't really count.

    It's just that now that summer's over, I feel really bad because I've spent most of what I've earned...I never ever thought that I would start purchasing LV.

    Anyone on a purse/LV-ban like me right now? Or am I the only one? :crybaby:
  2. hehe...I think many of us feel like we should be on LV purse bans...but we just gotta face the reality of's NEVER GONNA WORK!! I'm on a "purse ban" but it sure doesn't help being on the purse forum all the time, know what I mean =) I too have worked over the summer and have my money saved up and set aside for a couple of LV items that will be coming out in the fall or I can't touch that money, but Nov seems like far away and I'm getting tempted by so many accessories and bags out there!! I'have already bought a cles two weeks ago and am now on the market for a shoulder/messenger bag!! I'm spending way to much money (of the very little I have) on LV...I need to control my self...hehe...soooo hard!
  3. After I get my red epi pochette I am avoiding Holt Renfrew and LV boutique so I don't get tempted to buy anything else!
  4. I´m getting my perfo cles today from the post office and also waiting for my 2 vernis bags to come next week. These are my first LV`s and they will be the last for a while:lol: I really don´t have the money to spend right now but I had to have these. After these, I´m going on a bag strike for at least 6 months.
  5. i've bought 3 LVs since july, so my bf has now put a purse-ban on me... its kinda easy since the ones that i want, i cant afford anyways.. so its back to saving money each week for that special bag... :smile:
  6. Semi-purse ban for me right now. No LVs until next year. I have to save up to send $ to my parents back home. Been doing that for a little bit now.
  7. Oh, you are definitely not the only one... I'm trying HARD to control myself not to buy anymore LVs, not that I even own a lot of them :shame: but I really need to spend my money on other stuffs besides LVs.. lol... :lol: It doesn't help with Purse Forum making my LV wishlist grow faster than I can control and the many times the voices in my head convincing me how much I deserve this LV and that one too... :drool: Gosh, I'm getting crazy..! :Push: :sweatdrop: :hysteric:
  8. I'm currently trying to resist... I'm going to leave my parent's house and move to my 1st own apartment in a few weeks - and I don't want to buy a new LV until I'm sure I have everything I need in the apartment. We'll see... :shame:
  9. i am truely trying to behave. I bought an agenda last week. but as for anything else i am saving up for a damier azur speedy or noe. i am still not sure whcih one i want.
  10. i feel for too i spent waaaay too much on LV bags over the summer..i feel like killing myself ..but at times i smile like a lunatic when i see them all lined up in my closet
  11. I see :yes: you won lot of bidding on ebay :sweatdrop:
    But I think they all're worth to get, arent they? :love:
    I also cant stop myself to buy more and more bags even I got many :shame:
    ;) Enjoy your time with gorgeous bags...I believe your all bags dont wanna sit only in wardrobe ;)
  12. I am not really on a purse ban. I'm just watching my spending at this time. Who knows what the winter heating bills will be? If I see something I want, I will buy it.
  13. I'm definitely on a purse ban- but only to raise funds for my next purchase- the Damier speedy. (I know, I'm like the last person in the world to get one!) But when I add up the money I've spent on LV this year, it makes me dizzy!! Especially since I should be using the money for my wedding!!
  14. I know exactly what you mean. I've spent so much time and money the last MONTH looking at LV's that it's insane! I was never this interested in this brand until now. And now I'm on a purse ban as well, but I don't think it's going to work out very well, since I've just noticed 2 bags that I want at a fairly good price on ebay! I too am supposed to be saving money for a wedding and a house (although I don't know when that's supposed to be!), but the saving part isn't going anywhere but DOWN!! Gosh I feel so terrible about it, but when I see a bag I want, I can't help myself!!
  15. :yes: I'm currently in saving mode because I spent so much this summer I need to replenish before I can get anything new this fall. I'm not buying anything until the Groom collection comes out because I need a rond :lol: but then I am going to continue saving for a Nomade Alma (or some kind of Alma). It is going to take a while! :shame: