1. What the fudge is wrong with me?:nuts:

    JUST LAST NIGHT I bought an eggplant classique and told myself "okay, that's it, cool it for a while or you will be in a lot of debt." And I really felt good about all of it when I went to bed.

    This morning I am checking stuff out on ebay (which I should NOT be doing) and notice all of these gorgeous bags that I really really want.

    I have never even liked pony hair bbags before but there is a gorgeous brown shoulder pochette pony hair bag for a good calls my name...but NO! I will resist!

    And so the sickness continues........

    Incidentally, I am carrying my new Isabella Fiore Sweet Dreams Audra hobo today and it is so beautiful and such excellent quality. I really love this bag. However, I have been having bbag withdrawals all day. Wishing I was carrying my 04 khaki today.....

    We need to get some professional help around here. I know I am not the only one with severe bbag sickness!
  2. LoriB i TOTALLY feel for you! i'm going through the same thing myself! i told myself that i cannot spend on any other bags until my cc comes down considerably:noggin: and then if i do ONLY on my two dream bags if they pop up. other than that i have to wait until 2007 :crybaby: for the s/s colors to strike me.
    but again congrats on the eggplant classique! it is soooo beautiful! if it was a purse i would have been poor today but oh so happy!
  3. I know what you mean! Why are so many beautiful bbags popping up suddenly?! It's torture!! It's been not even a day since I sold my eggplant first...and I've already replaced it with another...Dolma Green City!!! I can't stop! Help!
  4. Hee hee...we are in this together then. Dolma green is sooooooo gorgeous though.
  5. I totally hear you!! Just when I think I am done spending $$ for a while, another beautiful bag pops up. It is enough to make a gal go insane!
  6. Ack, percephonie, dolma green city!!!! :nuts: I must see pics!!!! Pretty pleeeeaaaase :wlae::girlsigh:
  7. LOL haven't received it yet hatikuh! Will post pics when I do;)
  8. Oh guys .... welcome to the club :shame: !! I think that my cc don't exist anymore - - - she's melted I fear :crybaby: ! But .... it's a never ending story with my bbag-passion . . . I desire many other BEAUTIFUL b-bags :tender::yahoo: I'll be nuts about it for ever :P
  9. LoriB, just wait until you receive that eggplant. and i bet once u had it, it will steer you away from another cravings for a while.
  10. the problem with balenciaga is all the beautiful colors.
    they're like ruffles potato chips- once you pop, you can't stop!!! :P

    EDIT! yes, they are pringles in the metal tin!
  11. ^^ I thought that was Pringles? ;)
  12. lol, yes that's right! i edited my post. :upsidedown:
  13. ahh if only they were as cheap!
  14. girls.. i actually sought professional help...but its not working.... I bought that calcaire city after seeing the shrink!! I love the bags too much, and i love the way i feel carrying them.... ebay is a very very tempting place. i have to stay away!!
    now... what was that bag i need.... oh... black work!!! i need you!!
  15. toni, u actually go to the shrink about this? WOW!!! don't tell my bf, he might suggest me to go see one too :P

    btw, lv was my pringles.
    now i converted to KETTLE CHIPS aka balenciaga which is yummier :P