Must read article - today's Daily Mail Newspaper

  1. Check out this article about the £23,000 handbag at

    It's all about the new LV handbag and other top end limited edition bags plus there are interviews with a number of women talking about their love of bags.

    Well worth a read.
  2. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  3. Interesting article, but not all that surprising. Westerners live in a consumer-oriented world where the threshold for impressing others just gets higher and higher. I sure wish I were on the other end, reaping the profits. My admiration goes to someone like Monica Botkier who has a good idea, takes advantage of the opportunities afforded in a capitalist economy, and parlays it into a business empire. Now that is impressive. Going into unmanageable debt over some leather and metal, however aesthetically pleasing, is not.
  4. i could not find the article? the first thing i saw was prince william will marry kate middleton for sure? haha good for her.
  5. Scroll down. It's below the inset that says "Videos & Pictures."
  6. Great article, thanks for posting. However, it does raise the issue of women going into debt over handbag or other luxury purchases. I think it's ok to spend any amount of money on a bag (I wouldn't think less of any person who pays 1 million for a bag), as long as they have the money for it.
    Also, I think it is awful that handbag companies are raising prices just because the consumer can afford it (especially since their costs are probably the same or lower, given new labor markets). This especially annoys me, as I am addicted to Chanel and Bottega Veneta, who are just jacking up their prices like crazy!
  7. I found the article a little pathetic...I mean I love bags as much as the next person but to be so self-important and almost smug about your desire to starve rather then not have the newest it bag...there so are so many other important things..I love bags but I am aware that it is a Frivolous hobby...the women Lisa seemed to have the right idea...I guess....
  8. I can't find the article. Can someone copy and paste into the thread? TIA.
  9. Egad, it's the LV Frankenstein! Holy, someone must have been sleeping on the job at LV.Are they playing some kind of cruel joke on their loyal fans;let's make a really ugly bag, make it really expensive and see who goes for it? After all the great work by Marc Jacobs and the designers after him who worked for LV, this is well, just unbelievable.
    And by the way, if I carried a rare,designer bag into a nightglub...that baby would be chained to my wrist. That gal Donatella just made me shake my head...and the chick who threw a hissy fit at LV. Good thing there are good common sense purselovers like those gals on the PF here who talked about their Method on another thread.
  10. I find it strange that designers such as LV and Chanel have raised their prices, supposedly to make their bags more exclusive - and it just creates an even bigger frenzy. I love handbags as much as anyone else, but really, you could buy diamonds with what we pay for some of those bags. But would women put themselves into massive debt over diamonds? Chasing after the next hot diamond hoop earrings? That would be indulgent, but price-wise, it's virtually the same thing.

    I do think that the handbag craze is part of a larger overall craze for luxury goods. People seem to be overspending on, well, everything these days... It's a way of trading up.
  11. i think this is the same article that prada posted?

    in the general discussion :smile: i forget the title but it's a good read.