Must...posses...Galleria PM

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  1. Hi all...
    I havent posted in a looong time, but Im back and HUNGRY for a LV Galleria Pm. Ive bought off TPF members in the past and had excellent experiences. Can anyone tell me, is this still something that is done her on TPF?

    Taxes are killing me this year & Id like to get a gently loved used one to make my world sunny & bright.

    Thanks in advance... :biggrin:
  2. You can't buy and sell here on TPF if that is what you are asking. However there are some wonderful TPFers that sell on the bay and bonanzle. Good luck.
  3. I see you joined in March of 2008. Even in March of 2008 there wasn't any buying or selling on the boards here. It was bannable then and is bannable now.
  4. Ebay, portero and luxuryexchange have great deals ch-ch-check it out! ;)