Must Love Dogs and Bottega Veneta

  1. Ok, since I'm in the mood of starting these "list threads", here's another....

    Calling all dog owners!!

    1. triggerpuff - Jack Russell Terrior
  2. 2. armcandyaddict - black labrador
  3. 3. Black lab mix rescue
  4. Coffee - a tri-colour Shih Tzu
    Copy of DSCF2219.jpg
  5. Sheltie - Conner

    Chocolate Lab - Logan
  6. two pomeranians - Maggie & Molly
  7. Joy ~ rescued staffy mix:smile:
    resized 11-07-2004 J at Roosevelt Park.JPG
  8. jburgh - 2 Pembroke Welsh Corgis (Albert and Tucker, pictured respectively)

    Albert is our dog that can moo like a cow

    Tucker, the rescue boy came with and extra dose of personality

    Betsy is the dog in the Avatar, she was our first Corgi and went to the Rainbow Bridge last November, at age 15.5
    alsnowjan07.jpg tuckerdog1.jpg
  9. Lionlaw-- fairly new to BV, but just got my second one yesterday. Here is my baby- Shadow:

    He is an english cocker spaniel I rescued four years ago. He is a diabetic now with a slew of problems, but still likes to play.
    sh.jpg shadows.jpg
  10. 2 GOldens: Charlotte and Sophie
  11. [​IMG]
    Tank the rottweiler!...can't find a pic of sophia the chi/terrier mix.
  12. We have three wonderful rescue beagles:

    Booker: just turned 11, stubborn, opinionated and I love her to bits.

    Moose: 7 1/2, we call him Zoolander because he is beautiful but not the sharpest knife in the drawer!

    Popcorn: 3-ish, abandoned hunting beagle from Newfoundland, terrified of the world but slowly coming out of her shell.
    DSCN0531.jpg Moosie.jpg sc0027c9f4.jpg
  13. dang, I was hoping to see your beagles' each sporting your lovely montaignes, BookerMoose!!:rolleyes:

    Adorable pooches everyone!!
  14. What cutie pies! Your description of Moose cracked me up. :roflmfao:
  15. hey, for those who didnt post pics, i have a request: please try to.
    i would love to see your babies.