MUST L@@K~Limited TRIANON NEVERFULL 30 NWT so dirt cheap

  1. Sac Louis Vuitton Trianon Neverfull 30 Authentique Neuf

    Okok... The seller is from LV's homeland, with, gosh! 3 feedbacks!
    And, honestly, I CANNNN'TTTT tell is it authentic.... And I am ready to bid, can't help it, although my credit card will be over limit if I get this baby!

    Please tell me this is a fake so I can save some $$$, otherwise...:yahoo:
    Any advice? Appreciate it.
  2. I have no clue, someone here on the board will know. :yes: Beautiful bag, though.
  3. I can't tell either, but may I ask, what are you going to use it for?!?! I personally think it's a lil too bulky as a daily handbag, and kinda small for a luggage carryon bag....
  4. I totally can't tell might want to post this in the "Authenticate This" thread...
  5. I've never seen this purse's interesting but I have no idea if it is real.
  6. The seller swimmmer77 does shill bidding with the ID : chams7795 (0)

    I have already reported the auction, chams7795 had bidded on the seller's auctions since one month on 3 totally different items very suspicious for a new member.

    Here is the history of this new eBay member (last 30 days)

  7. I hate shill bidding it's obvious the seller bids on his own auctions! I hate that :censor:

    We shhould all report this seller.
  8. ah...oh man...What should I say? Why? Why? Why? See, truths are always disappointed. But, do we really care shill bidding if we love it soooo much, and it's soooo rare? It's still a great deal even there's shill bidding. Is there enough time for eBay to remove that auction?
    Like CEC.LV4eva said, I don't even know what am I going to use it for, it's so bulky. I guess I am insane at this time...
    Anyway, thank godness, no, I should thank MiroirPrincess. Yes, thank MiroirPrincess and y'all so much, I just need to learn! I buy a lot on eBay but never learn, got ripped off 3 times already. How do you find that out, MiroirPrincess? Eh, I am dumb on eBay, all I know is "bid".
    I won't bid on this, because no one can tell base on those c@ap pics.
    Ummmmm, so sorry that the seller do shill bidding.
    Let me take a bath and refresh my mind.

    Oh, yes, where do I find the "Authenticate This" thread?

  9. I have the poids plume from this range and LOVE it ... it is a really lightweight bag....have you requested more photos:yes:
  10. Miami, is that your graffiti khaki keepall 50? ITS AMAZING! Umm yea I HATE shill bidders too, I cant tell, BUT IT IS SOOOO nice, never seen it before, seems a little too bulky for me though.
  11. It's not that rare....and this is not that cheap. Valley Fair still has one.
  12. Very cute bag!! I have never seen this before.
    AppleB: the Authentic This thread is stickied in the LV shopping subforum in the LV forum HTH! :smile:
  13. Oh it's a really cute bag, I say call the Valley Fair store like Tink suggested