Must Know What Miu Miu Bag...

  1. Hi-- I'm new to the forums but am currently obsessed with a Miu Miu bag that I think must be from some seasons past. I saw a girl on the subway the other day who had a dark brown leather handbag. I literally could not stop staring at it. It was almost completely plain--no accents, just a plain silver miu miu logo at the bottom of the right side of the purse. I followed the girl out of the train just so I could see what brand her bag was! I should've just asked, but I did see that it was a Miu Miu bag. It had a longer strap in addition to two smaller ones. She was originally wearing it over her shoulder and then with the longer strap slung it across her body, messenger-style. Could've been a hobo or a bucket bag. Slouchy leather, not structured. Any ideas? I've been trolling the internet for days with no luck.

  2. It was sort of like this one:

    Except in a deep chocolate brown and the miu miu logo at the bottom was in silver, not brass and the long strap was leather like the handles, not nylon. Is the bag I'm describing from a past season? Could it be from the Fall 07 line?