Must I wait 7 days for payment?

  1. I have sold a few cheap things lately, hardly worth the bother, but it all adds up, Birkin here I come oooh in 2056 at this rate. AAAANyway, everything sold and paid for and posted except one last thing. I am going away soon so I deliberately timed everything to end in plenty of time so I could get it posted etc. On every listing, I wrote quite clearly, along the lines of 'please only bid if you are able to pay immediately or within 48 hours of the end of the auction...' I didn't mention I was going away, however, the 48 hours are about up on this last item and if I don't get paid, I can't post and then it might be several days before I can post yet I state I post by the next working day. Do I HAVE to give 7 days or because I stated in the listing, pay within 48 hours, am I able to cancel the bid or end the transaction somehow? I sent 2 invoices already, very polite, pointing out the conidtions of the listing and saying how much I would appreciate prompt payment etc but I've heard nothing. Sorry to blather on but I would really appreciate some advice and I don't really want to tell this person I am going away. TIA
  2. I think generally speaking most people think 48 hours isn't enough time for a buyer to pay. Also, you can't file payment not received for 7 days anyway, and sometimes buyers take advantage of that fact.

    I see nothing wrong with telling your buyer that you are going to be unable to ship their item if they don't pay you by a specific date. Many sellers often put this info in their listings.
  3. lori I do agree but I did say 'please only bid if you will pay straight away...' in the listing hoping it would encourage those who pay as soon as they've won.

    I think I will have to email her one last time and say I won't be able to ship quickly unless she pays, I worry somehow about giving infomation that I will be away from my home, again I would be cautious about mentioning this on a listing.

    I will email her anyway and next time I think I'm just going to have to make sure I get the timing less crucial. Thanks very much for your help.:smile:
  4. Lori, I emailed her and she paid and sent a nice email back saying sorry, she had a cold and was a bit late with everything, so all's well that ends well, many thanks for your advice, it worked a treat, cheers.