Must I own a Black Bag?

  1. I have a few (okay, quite a few) H bags, but no classic black ones. Should I make it a priority to aquire a black box something?
  2. I always think everyone who love Hermes should own one Black Box Kelly with Gold hardware BUT that's not everyone's cuppa tea!

    I have a friend who would prefer Ebene to Black and another who's Raisin is fast becoming her neutral!!!! So, to each his/her own, I always say (that is, after I bully them into buying a black box Kelly!!!!!!)
  3. pampered1--Of course you should. :smile:

  4. i feel i should but i dont--i a a very very neutral dresser. colored bags are my color. i have even spoke with the manager of my hermes who says if you are going to buy hermes you must buy color! great sales pitch but i kin of agree..........i have purple, green, taupe, turquoise --
  5. yes.
  6. Yes, you should!:p

    If you are a Kelly person, I completely agree with going with a black box Kelly. So timeless and classic H!
  7. Pampered I haven't carried a black bag since I "retired" to raise our children. Raisin is my dark neutral now.

    But I would still like to have a black box Kelly one day - even if I just carry it for funerals!!!
  8. I do love my black... but that's not to say it's for everyone. Only get what your heart desires, not just because it is felt to be a 'must have' item.
  9. Yes everyone needs a black bag:yes:
  10. A black bag is an absolute necessity...;)
  11. It's not a want, it's a need.
  12. I feel like such a fool. I sold my 32cm Black Box Kelly Sellier w/gold hardware to a friend for very cheap...silly me! Now I want another one.
  13. I don't have a black H bag .... was aiming for one in black coromandel late last year, and then all sorts of colours distracted me. I recently got Graphite in Box Calf and think it's a great alternative to Black Box.

    Until today, I still don't have a black H bag. But it's nice thinking that one day I might get there ....
  14. Yes.:p
  15. I think it depends on where you live and what you like to wear but generally, I think yes. And my vote is for a black box Kelly too.