Must-Haves for Fall?

  1. Fall is approaching (faster in some areas than others!) and I know I'm already looking to build my wardrobe with the season's new pieces. But I need ideas! So what are your top five must-haves for this fall?? What style will you NOT wear?
  2. booties, slim pants, wide leg pants, lots of black and grey - that is my idea so far.

    will not wear: still no mini skirt, and not a fan of all of the space looks. still don't like most of the current shoes.
  3. What I'll be looking for:
    - knitwear (mostly cardigans)
    - bright colours
    - long gloves (leather or wool)
    - wide-legged trousers
    - something like those cool balenciaga jackets

    Not interested in:
    - calf-length skirts; knee-length looks better on me
    - shoe-boots
    - clutches; I need to have my hands free
  4. personally i still loveeee yellow and am going to try & incorporate it into my fall wardrobe, maybe with a navy blue swing jacket or something of the sort!

    also some boots, wide legged jeans, a turtleneck or two (but not those awful ribbed kinds)!!
  5. I'll be looking for:
    Knitwear (mostly colors)
    Wide legged pants

    What I won't be looking for:
    Mini skirts
    Trapeez dresses/tops
  6. Trousers are so in for the season, especially when paired with a chunky heel. Try high-waisted, wide legged trousers with or without a cuff. Wear with a crisp white shirt tucked in and with a big belt cinching in the waist.

    Gray is in for the season, as is purple.

    Chunky knits (think deliberately oversized a la Olsen twins),
    smart layering
    Platform heels
    Chunky oxford heels