1. I was in Saks two weeks ago when I saw these on display and about fainted.

    I am currently on waitlist for an azur speedy 25 (grr) and saw these in fell in love. But the money in my account is reserved for the speedy! What does everyone do in situations like this????? HELP.​
  2. The shoes are cute but I would recommend waiting for your Azur Speedy 25.
  3. The shoes are cute but I assume you will get much more use out of an Azur Speedy.
  4. i know :sad: but i want both. lol.
  5. If you wear them you won't even see the Azur print, so I'd get the speedy and wait for another pair of shoes? Or wait and get them in spring/summer?
  6. :yes: keep money for speedy plssss....
    If you really like it, you can go try it probably find out that you don't really like it...
    cus all you see is the ropes on your feet...

  7. ahhh it's hard. haha. i wanted them for my cruise in march cuz the whole line to me looks so resort and cruise-worthy. lol.
  8. As cute as they are...I could see these getting dirty and grimy too easily.
  9. I would be worried that the rope would get dirty after about 3 wears (especially if you to to the city--New York streets are always filthy). That would be my only reservation. I would also just wait for your bag.
  10. wait for the speedy. those shoes are pretty but i think they would get dirty soooo easily. you couldn't use them that much...

  11. gahhh i could never wear shoes like these in nyc. and yeah the whole dirt thing crossed my mind. just sucks cuz they're so cute! lol.

  12. That's what I was thinking.

    Also, they're never really going to look "new" after a few uses. A well cared for Speedy, however, can look "new" for a long time:yahoo:
  13. Wait for the Speedy :yes: The sandal does not look comfy.....
  14. i guess i'll wait. lol, thanks guys.
  15. I am waiting for these to come in!

    I def. want these! Why aren't they here yet!!! Lol