1. [​IMG]On vey..kill me now..the new bags are to DIE FOR! WHat did you guys think of them?? Ialso must have this spy too....
  2. What color is that floral spy?
  3. jill...I love them both..keep us posted...
  4. I love them.
  5. The spy is listed as grey in color.....looks Taupe-ish to me...BUT OMG! I SO LOVE THAT COLOR!!!!!!!
  6. The color is gorgeous!!!!! I like it more than mine... yikes!
  7. The coupon code SHOPJUNE will get you 10% off your preorder...

    :devil: :graucho: :yes:
  8. ooooh.........decisions decisions - what to do.... How can you possibly decide between the 2 - it's not fair!
  9. Ohhhh, get them both! hehehe:P
  10. I love the taupe spy!! I am hoping they have it in regular leather and not wisteria.
  11. Jill - they are both gorgeous, which ever one you decide will be amazing.
  12. I am pretty sure they will.
  13. Both bags are beauties! Oh boy, fall is going to hurt our wallets .....:cool:
  14. Gorgeous!!! Happy days!
  15. The price on Saks for that grey wisteria is $2340.00 while the other hon ey wisteria on their site is $2840.00.

    Price error? So jill,you should pre-order now since that has already save you 500.00 and u can get 10% off by using the code. I am such a bad enabler...:yes: