Must Have This Coach Wallet, But I Can't Find It Anywhere! ~Please Help~!

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  1. Okay, so let me start off saying that I seen this wallet on ebay the other day.
    It ended today and I lost the auction. Someone placed a bid in the last 6 seconds. Ugh!

    Coach Ashley 3 Color Compact Wallet
    Style #F48192

    I have been searching and wanting this wallet for awhile now, but I am having no luck finding another one. I have searched ebay, Amazon, bonanza, and the coach website.

    I was wondering if anyone on TPF knows where I can find one or if these wallets are available at the outlets? If anyone on TPF finds this particular style, please let me know!

    I am so bummed I lost the auction! :cry:
    coach ashley compact wallet metallic.jpg
  2. I haven't bid on ebay in several years, but I seem to remember some website that allows you to set up in advance a bid that will be made in the last few seconds of an auction. I think you are able to customize amount of time left before the end of the auction to suit yourself. I realize this wasn't your question, but maybe in the future you can do this and win the auction. I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the website.
  3. I haven't seen it in that pattern - but that style wallet is available in the online sale in the MFF scarf print and black leather. So you may find that pattern at an outlet.
  4. Saw it at the outlet in Jeffersonville :smile:
  5. Hopefully I will find another soon!

    Thanks for letting me know! I don't live close to an outlet, it is about a 4 hour round trip to my closest outlet store. I am not planning to go until either the last week of December or The First Week of January. Hopefully they will have some available when I go.

    Lucky! Thanks for letting me know. Oh How I wish I lived closer to an outlet!