Must have these :whine: help!

  1. The Gucci Sevigny are sooooo hot


    and sold out on in my size too :sad: Have you seen these in the stores?
  2. Call the stores (or the 800 number, but a store is more helpful usually--I like the SF one) and ask. They can usually look up whether (and where) the shoe is available. Good luck! They are beautiful.
  3. thank you! i was browsing gucci's website and found that they're still available there :tup:
  4. Congrats really a hot shoe be shure to post modelling pics when you get them!
  5. Those are pretty hot! GL finding them..I could never dream of owning a shoe like that..I wouldn't be able to stand without falling!
  6. Do post a modeling pic if you get the shoes! The heels are super high for me!
  7. they are soooo nice! i'd love to wear shoes like that but my chunky legs mean i have to stay away from anything round my ankle. :sad: get them! i'd love to see a picture of them on.
  8. These are go gorgy!
    Do let us know if you locate them.