Must have SLG

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  1. I'm in search of a SLG to use in my small crossbody bags but having a tough time narrowing it down. There's so many choices. I already have a DE Cles but find it a bit small to hold all my cards and cash. I'm considering the Empreinte key pouch, sarah or zippy multicartes. Any other suggestions?

    If it helps the crossbody bags I have are the Twinset and Gucci disco.
  2. The zippy coin purse. It is compact enough and holds your other credit cards plus cash and coins too. I use that and my cles for drivers license, debit card, and insurance card. All the other misc cards are in the zcp
  3. I think these are good choices for you:

    For small SLG
    Empreinte keypouch
    Empreinte busienss card holder
    zippy multicartes

    For small wallets:
    Anias wallet
    Compact Curieuse wallet
    Compact Maire-lou wallet
  4. Zippy coin purse and the new Rosalie wallet also
  5. Zippy multicartes
  6. Zcp! I have it in DE and it is perfect. I also just got the empreinte key pouch. It seems pretty handy too :smile: i use it attached to my keys, but it would definitely be great as a small wallet
  7. Empreinte cles!
    I don't like my cash (dollar notes) getting caught by the Zips so I sold my canvas cles (both the mongram and Damier ebene) and vernis zcp.

    Another top option is the mini Pochette. Very versatile piece!
  8. +1, with the addition of...
    Victorine wallet
    Rosalie coin purse
  9. I just exchanged my zippy multicartes for an empreinte key pouch! I liked the zippy multicartes but I think I would get more use out of the empreinte :smile:
  10. I have the Empreinte key pouch, it's great for my Pochette Metis, so I would assume it would be great in many small cross body bags.

    I am with you regarding the DE cles, I have the monogram and it's too small for me to put a lot of cards in. I use the monogram cles for loose change.

    I find that the Emp key pouch will fit a good amount more. I like this piece a lot so far!
  11. What about a Mini Pochette?? I use mine for so many things and it's really great in my Pochette Metis and Favorite MM. It's a must have!!
  12. I had a ZCP and honestly it was a pain - the cards were hard to get in and out due to the layout and I generally find it awkward

    emp cles or business card holder alongside your DE cles should fit everything nicely!
  13. So many great suggestions. I think have narrowed it down to the Empreinte key pouch or business card holder. The Empreinte is just so beautiful and I need something from this line. Thank you all for your help .
  14. Key pouch without a doubt.You can a bit more with the pouch than the business card holder.
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    I agree with everything said here; it's a beautiful line, the key pouch fits more, etc..... Yesterday I saw the business card holder IRL and I do like how compact it is. The boutique did not have the Rosalie that I was going to compare it with. I want something really small for just coins & money (the BCH does have a slot for an emergency CC as well), that I can use with some of my smaller Chanel bags. I must say, this did look perfect. I do have the black empreinte key pouch also but....because of how small & compact the BCH is, on my trip to NYC in a couple of weeks, I just may go to the flagship store & pick it up. I use the LV pocket organizer for my CC's, drivers license, insurance cards & I LOVE that little thing. I'm picking up the BCH (I just decided) to work in tandem with the Pocket Organizer. Both would be easy to move around in the smaller bags. I might go to Hermes & check out their coin purse (they offer pops of color) as I did see a YouTube video show it fits folder dollars as well but it seems kind of "thick" with the front cover. I do like the design, hence the thickness of the front's funny how we analyze these little things but since they are all a pretty penny, beautiful & all are so well designed, sometimes it does take a lot of thought to find the design that will fit perfect for you. Good luck on your decision OP, I hope you find exactly what works for you. 🙂