must have peppermint!

  1. I saw a bag in peppermint awhile ago and didn't like it but just saw a wallet and almost fell outta my chair! I must buy something in this color!

    Can anyone tell me how hard it is to find. I didn't see anything on eBay right now and I have to get to zzzzz

    all help appreciated!!!!! :flowers:
  2. Peppermint? Is this a green color? I've never seen this before...
  3. It's hard to find in mint condition! (Pun intended ;) ) I always see ones that have color transfer :sad:
  4. I LOVE mine...I have 2 PTIs (both versions) and the Bedford. It's such a gorgeous, minty green color. And ya it's quite hard to find now..there are usually a couple things on eBay, they'll show up if you give it a little time.
  5. They rarely come up. The only peppermint piece that I recall seeing on eBay before the one that just ended was many months last summer. But back then I wasn't checking ebay daily.
  6. I managed to buy a peppermint accessory recently that's in mint condition, but I never see them popping up on ebay that often.
  7. That's weird because fashionphile just had a couple of bags up recently (a Bedford and a Thompson St.) and I saw a PTI being sold by a different seller not too long ago.

    And by the way, I love your little dog!! :love:
  8. I've seen it on ebay quite often but usually it has bad stains and transfer it's hard to get them in good condition.
  9. I too have seen a lot recently on ebay, maybe you could try the magic eraser like our other TPF member!:yes:
  10. On Vernis?!?!?
  11. New Peppermint pieces are pretty hard to come by. I have a peppermint ludlow that has some color transfer on it, it's not horrible but it's noticeable. All of the light colors in the Vernis line are pretty prone to it, and from what I have read it seems like Peppermint is VERY prone to it
  12. I see a lot of peppermint bags with colour transfer, I wouldn't risk to buy one!
  13. ^ wow her bag is gorgeous. now im not afraid of color transfer if i ever buy a bag on ebay!