Must have / Need a cerises Speedy

  1. Hi girls

    I want / need one desperately....where can I find one / relatively new.....Am I asking for too much?? hehehe

    Please help....Too afraid to use ebay...
  2. I think eBay is the only way to go now, since the line has been discontinued :sad: You can call 866-VUITTON and they can try to track one down for you, but I don't think there are any left in the boutiques.

    eBay isn't that bad, if you go with a reputable seller. You can find a few auctions and post them in Authenticate This and get feedback as to whether or not it's the real deal, and if the seller is good.

    I really want one, too, I wish I would have jumped on the bandwagon before, since more than likely I'll be paying over retail if I decide to get one.
  3. Did the cerises speedy come out in both sizes...25 & 30.
  4. No, only 25.
  5. It only came out in the 25 size.

  6. Thanks Cristina...I am not so sure about buying a bag from hong kong though....too many fakes...
  7. Let-Trade has a great reputation for selling authentic items. Many PF members have bought from them and have received authentic items. I think PF member allison has been buying a few cerises pieces from let-trade, you can try PMing her and see how her transactions went :smile:
  8. I wish they made the Cerises Speedy in a 30 :yes:
  9. I'm not a huge fan of ebay when it comes to things in this price bracket, but often times, ebay is the only option.

    I've been watching both those Speedys and talking myself DAILY out of hitting that BUY IT NOW button.

    I think the Cerises Speedy is going to be my next big LV purchase. is under construction but they have a seller out of Singapore that also sells pre-owned LV. When the site was up and running, there was a Cerises on there for $1K, which is the best price I've seen so far, so you might want to keep checking back there as well.
  10. Have you seen the keepall 45? It has the big cherries on it! I saw one in London last month, there are still pieces available, just keep calling till you get a SA who will track one down for ya. GOOD LVCK:biggrin:
  11. I just bought mine (excellent condition; slight patina) for $1250. She is shipping it out Saturday so I will take lots of pics when I get it!

    If you can get one for $1300 or under, I think that is a good deal (imo).
  12. Thanks girls....I am on a mission to find a cerises speedy...will keep you posted....