Must have Mouse Banana Hobo - any sightings?

  1. So this morning I saw the mouse Banana Hobo on the Bloomies website that was posted in the sale thread. I had given up on this bag and thought I'd never find it. Well, by the time I got to work to order it, it was gone. Has anyone seen one in person for a comparable price ($537 on sale)? I just might die without it. Thank you!
  2. I called Bloomingdale's and no stores have it. So sad. Guess I'll move on to calling NM stores now.
  3. None at Saks, either.
  4. maybe try calling Neiman Chicago, i saw the black color hobo on the sales table last friday (the table in front of the Gucci section), didnt see the mouse color though, maybe they can help find one....
  5. Thank you! I'll try.
  6. Thank you! I have it in my cart and it comes to $716. My dad was going to buy me the one at Bloomies for $537, but I just don't know if I can ask him for nearly $200 more. I'm going to have to continue to think about it.
  7. And Nordies is a no-go, too. It went on sale last time. Bloomies had an almond one, but I'm not too familar with that color (in person). I already have an oatmeal multipocket, and they kind of seem similar. Maybe I will think about $716 at shoptwigs. If only it was just 10% more off, then I'd buy it.
  8. Do you think they would honor a competitor's price? Did you bookmark the actual Bloomies page that reflected the price?
  9. I just bought the almond one from the Purse Store in Maryland. Though its no longer on their site, you can call and see if they still have it.

    I got mine for $670. You don't pay sales tax and I think they have free shipping.

    Beware: the top opening is small IMO and the zippers are all sticky.
  10. Thank you, ddo830 and SuLi. I'll email and see if they price match. Ddo830: do you have photos of your bag and you carrying it? When did you order it? Thank you!
  11. Good luck on your quest MandB! I know how frustrating the search can be...but it's so worth it. You'll find one eventually!
  12. Thank you for all of the help. I emailed shoptwigs to see if they have sales/price match and the woman who replied was very friendly and helpful. She said that she would check and see if they could price match, so I sent her all of the info I had (Bloomies online $537, Bloomies in-store in almond - newer season even - $626). I'll wait and see what happens. There's no way to prove the $537, though, as the link is now gone because the last one sold. Hmmm...
  13. No further word from Shoptwigs yet. I just saw this bag in the reference thread and it looks huge! Is it? I mean it looks really enormous. I love the mouse color, but...
  14. I seen one last week at Nordstroms at the grove(CA) last week. I believe it was around the same price as the one at bloomies! There was only one though so you may want to call right away.