must have lilas, but which one??

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which lilas slg?

  1. vernis zippy wallet

  2. vernis cosmetic

  3. something else?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. well, it's official, i am in love with lilas. i really want at least one slg piece, but which one? please help me decide!
  2. will no one help me, lol??
  3. I voted for the cosmetic pouch. I'm considering getting it too. I think the color is too light for a wallet used every day. I would be too afraid of color transfer with the wallet.
  4. i was wondering about that as well, altho i do love the zippy. this would be my first piece of vernis.
  5. i thought the zippy would be more popular but it looks like the cosmetic is way ahead. is this because of the dreaded color transfer? wear? should i be really concerned about this color in the zippy? i am so clueless on vernis. i'm usually just a mono or damier girl. also, if you choose "something else" please let me know what you suggest.
  6. Whoops, I voted for "something else" only to read on further to see that you're wanting an SLG. I would have voted for the Brea MM in Lilas.

    So on to the SLG's - I would vote for the Zippy Wallet. I have several Vernis Zippy's and I've had no trouble with them whatsoever. If I need to I keep them safe inside my handbag in a small size purse to go organizer so that nothing rubs up against them.

    Good luck deciding! :smile:
  7. thank you tulip2 : ) so the lighter color wouldn't scare you off on the zippy? the brea is a beautiful bag, but it is a bit more structured ( and more costly) than i am looking for right now. that is why i thought i would just try out my first piece of vernis with a slg. appreciate your input very much : )
  8. Does it have to be Vernis lilas? Lilas also comes in Empreinte and Parnessea, hence I'd vote for a Lilas Parnessea wallet. :smile:
  9. you know, i thought about the parnassea. i have not seen either one in person. in the photos the parnassea looked a bit lighter than the vernis lilas. do you think that it is in person?

  10. Zippy!!!!
  11. I think the Vernis lilas is lighter in person than on photos and in my opinion the shine of the Vernis finish also does a lot to lighten up the colour. I'd definitely see the Parnessea lilas and Vernis lilas as equal in saturation, maybe the Parnassea is even slightly darker/deeper.
  12. I voted Cosmetic Pouch. Good luck deciding!
  13. It really wouldn't, but like I said I do keep lighter Vernis Zippy Wallets in a little purse organizer all to themselves just for safety. I'm loving the Vernis Zippy in Lilas and Rose Angelique. Maybe some day... :girlsigh:
  14. my vote would be for the lilas vernis cles but since they dont have that as of yet i would choose the Cosmetic Pouch
  15. I voted for the cosmetic case since I bought one. :P