Must Have: Large Messenger

  1. Hi Mulberry Gals! Well, it's official. I'm on a quest to obtain (of course this is in addition to Roxy, Annie, and a wallet...!) a LARGE Mulberry messenger. I'm talking about a Toby, a Barnaby, a Brynmore. I'm liking most the Toby and the Brynmore.
    I already have a small Antony black which I adore.
    I want the large messenger for airplane travel -- to swish through an airport with all my must-haves in a large messenger slung cross body. (earphones, inflatable cushion, pashmina, water, book, etc.)
    I had originally lusted after an LV Monogram Bosphore GM, and after being a Mulberry gal for awhile, realized how I would feel ostentatious with the LV monogram...and that I would feel super chic with one of these large men's messengers so chicly slung across my body...
    So, Questions!
    1. Anyone have one of these bags Thoughts?
    2. Which one do you like best?
    3. You Mulberry Brits ever see these bags in the outlets? How much?

    Thanks ever so much! ;)
  2. i just got an alfie an i do love it but there are no pockets on the inside at all an i find that quite hard.
  3. I can't find the Alfie anywhere on the website.
    Tell me why you chose Alfie.
    Can you give me the dimensions?
    Also, does it have a leather strap or a woven canvas strap?
  4. Sounds like a great plan. I love the look of the Brynmore. Super cool and stylish - I would love one myself, any colour, really. (The shearling version is tdf but might be a bit OTT unless you live in a very cold country, and I know you don't!)
    Best of luck with your quest for the perfect messenger!
  5. out of the ones you mention i think the barnaby is my favoourite- i like the old school satchel style. For air-port travel how about the seth. the external front pocket would be useful for those things you need to get to quickly!
  6. The Brynmore is a great messenger bag! I have one in chocolate and use it as my handsfree bag. It has two compartments, which is great when travelling. The front compartment is smaller (less depth) with a mobile phone pocket and two pen pockets and would be a great place to store all the documents you need for your travel. The main compartment is really large. The Barnaby is smaller. The depth is not "built in" on the sides, so when you fill it with your stuff you loose some of its length. Hope this description makes any sense. For me the Barnaby is not a large messenger but this certainly depends on your size. I'm 167 cm and "not slim". (I'm not saying sorry for it!!! I like your post about feeling good about yourself! :tup:) One more thought: I found it easier to open and close the Brynmore.
  7. This is another Mulberry that is "retired" from the main site and seems to pop up in the outlets. This is one that has caught my eye. Rockley-

  8. Oooh, thanks ladies, for your comments and your info. I'm finding myself drawn to the Brynmore -- for the clasps...minimal chic, and very Mulberry look. I'm still interested in hearing from more of you. Monsti, can you post pix of you and your Brynmore. You are a true stylesetter, for having one so early on in the game...
  9. Hold off TG, I just got my Mulberry Spring Summer book today and there is a gorgeous turquoise messenger bag in it that is TDF!!! :drool:
  10. Ooooh, can i see the picture of this turquoise...?
    You know, I actually won't mind spending full price on this messenger -- because I was already going to spend full price on the LV Mono Bosphore -- and that costs $1040 U.S. plus tax. This way, I'll get LEATHER and Mulberry, at around the same price or less.
  11. I'm being called to the Brynmore Chocolate....ooohhhh....It is calling me....! In the "more views" section you see the side, and it looks a little boxy, structured. Do you think it will soften up....and get slouchier....????? How am I ever going to wait until March to get to London...????

  12. That's the one I spotted & loved! It's the Milton hobo and it's £750. Gorgeous....
  13. TropicalGal,

    I try to post a modeling pic with my Brynmore tomorrow. It is not boxy! It is really slouchy and hugs your body when you wear it. The leather of mine is thick but soft. You can close the Brynmore with the postman lock at the top of the bag - this way it looks even less boxy. I will also post a picture of the inside of the bag.
  14. The turquoise at 750 lbs is way over budget for me.
  15. The brynmore isn't boxy. i had a bloke in my consulting room some months ago and I spent most of my time gazing at his bag ( an oak brynmore- well beaten up and gorgeous!) rather than his cat!!! Actually having given it some thought and had a look back at the bags on the website I think a choco brynmore would be a great choice and it has a bit more internal organisation than most of the messenger types!